French DBD Support Bot Translates Everything Literally (And It's Very Goofy)

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Hello !

Didn't really know where to put this subject, since it's not really a game bug so it didn't fit into the Bug Report section.

The Conversation Bot on completely translates DBD's name to French, making it literally "Dead At The Light Of Day", which is very goofy.

Here's what it looks like :

If you select that you play on PC, here are your options :

01 - Vapor

02 - Windows Store (this one doesn't change)

03 - Store of epic games (as nouns. not the platform's name)

04 - Stadiums (like... football stadiums)

Once you select your platform (in my case, Vapor), the options of what to report is actually pretty correct.

That is, until the last options.

"BHVR Account" becomes "account of behaviour", as the noun. So... Not the Devs name ! Just accounting for my own behaviours.

For some reason, "Other" becomes "Ask me something else".

To try it out, I asked "I want a refund".

To their credit, they did recognize the query !

However, the game elements' names are wrong...

Auric Cells become "Cellules Auriques" instead of Cellules d'Ora.

The Shrine of Secrets becomes "Sanctuaire des secrets" (Secrets Sanctuary) instead of Temple des Secrets.

By now, I'm in the rabbit hole. This is just too entertaining now.

I try to report a bug.

I really scratched my head at what was number 3, as it said : "Advantage Bug".... Until I realized that "Perk" means "Advantage". In French, Perks actually called Compétences (Skills).

Number 5 says "Killer Strength Bug". I think it means Killer Power bugs.

Number 7 says "Control Bug", which I'm guessing is "Controller Bug", which should be Bug de Manette.

Then I decided to report a player !

Number 3 just says "Mourning", which I'm guessing is for Griefing, but is not at all understandable if you don't know the english term. It should really be Trolling, as no French word come to mind.

Number 5 just says "Chat During Game". Or "Cat During Game". Which is fair - my cat has been teamming up with my opponents yanking my mouse around so that I give her attention. Glad to know I can report her, the absolute fiend !

Anyway, that's all for today's exploration.

Fellow players of the famous game Dead At The Light Of Day, and especially Vapor players, I wish you a great evening !