Tunneling with Pyramid head is completely out of wack, and sadly the absolute best strategy.

I'm a Pyramid head main with 3,6k hours, and I've been playing since jenuary 2017. I've always played both sides equally, and I main also Pinhead/Cenobite and Sadako, but also play a lot of other killer even if not so often.

Since Deadlock was first announced, I knew it was gonna be a massive problem. It had to be nerfed/changed, it's just too strong if combined with other perks.

Currently, with 90 second gens, imo the absolute best build you can bring is: Corrupt, Deadlock, Ruin, No Way Out. The idea of the build is to have as much passive pressure as possible, to do the thing Pyramid head is the best at sadly: tunneling.

  • Corrupt intervention is still the best early game slowdown perk, and makes some maps like Azarov a bottleneck. Competitive players always use it, for obvious reasons.
  • Deadlock is probably the strongest killer perk in the game right now, maybe even stronger than Eruption on all killers, but surely it is better on Pyramid head. It combines very well with the next perk:
  • Hex: Ruin. After the nerf, it's still strong and much more consistent than Scourge hook: Pain Resonance, which is very RNG based, especially on very big maps. It's very evil because: 1 if they leave a gen that got deadlocked it regresses 2 it can be tormented with your power, and if they try to cleanse it, even crouching, they get tormented 3 of they waste time bodyblocking the gens regress in the meantime 4 if they try to cleanse it/bless it easily game they waste massive time 5 if they try to find it, in the worst case scenario it buys you 20/30 seconds. + If one person disconnects because you're camping/tunneling them for example, the perk doesn't deactivate.
  • No Way Out: even 2 stacks give you 36 seconds of blocked gates, which are enough to camp the second person, when one gen is left and get a third kill, or if things go wrong and they have Adrenaline, to get 2k and tie.

You might argue that perhaps Noed, Terminus, Dead Man's Switch, Pain Resonance, Pop, Call of Brine, Eruption or Lethal Pursuer are better than Ruin, but of all the perks I haven't had any that has provided such an insane passive regression, even if not a good perk on other killers.

With these perks, the strategy is this:

  1. Try to torment someone in chase at any cost. If not, once they get hooked, place a torment wall 4 meters around the hook, so when they get unhooked they either die or get tormented.
  2. Try to hook someone close to a gen so Ruin regresses it as much as possible
  3. Be always close for the moment when someone gets unhooked: hit both the unhooker and the unhooked to immediately counter Off the record and Dead hard, and avoid Locker Decisive Strike:
  4. If they go in a locker, just wait out the 20 seconds mending timer. Watch our for Head On.
  5. Once downed, Cage immediately, and go to the furthest point on the map that contains a cage spawn. They will always be caged there, unless someone had died in a cage there previously.
  6. Kill. There's no Off The Record/Decisive Strike this time, even if you have to watch out because they still might have Decisive Strike from the previous unhook.
  7. Once the first person is dead, you might wanna change strategy and go for a 3 gen strat with Call of Brine and/or Eruption, but I think just repeating the process and tunneling another person out is the better strategy.

Other tips:

  • Always hook if possible in the basement, because Reassurance cannot be used, and because you can hit the person in the back hook immediately after an M2 super fast. Try to hook not on 2 floors, and in areas where Reassurance is difficult to use.
  • Always hook first and cage only if you might suspect Deliverance. In some situations it's better to cage first, but very few ones, and hooking first always guarantees a stack of No Way Out.
  • Some survivors will heavily bodyblock you to delay the kill as much as possible, some even going down: if that's the case, sometimes waste 2/3 seconds to cage them, it will be very useful to create even more pressure, and especially because if you catch them later they're already second stage.

I've done a 110+ games winstreak doing this, and it's just completely gross: I've beated or tied 3/4 competitive teams doing this, while using just the common add-ons.

With no add-ons, Pyramid head is better than Spirit no add-ons, perhaps even stronger than Artist.

Solo Q teams have NO CHANCE.

I've gone against the most meta perks, medkits with Syringes and Styptics, BNPs, but nothing, it's basically impossible to lose with this strategy! Especially if you use Terminus to avoid Adrenaline.

As even Otz has said, tunneling has become even MORE prominent.


It doesn't have any sense that I just win 110/120 games with no effort, and even in the worst case scenario against a competitive team where I ######### up massively I still "tie", aka 2k /6 stages.