Autoaim is fair and balanced

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Like, what the hell is this:

Aim assist (aka autoaim) needs to have an option to be removed, it's not possible to lose a chase like this.


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    It can screw it over too. I want a setting so I can disable it as killer.

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    I can relate that it can be totally frustrating and I lost many hits because of it.. I'm still not sure if I'd deactivate it cause I'm quite certain it gave me more hits than misses..

    Of course I could only draw a comparison if I had the option.. Still.. I go more often "Wow, how did I hit that" than "Wow, how did I miss that"

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    I don't understand why your post says it's not possible to lose a chase because of autoaim when the video you citing is otz losing a chase because of autoaim. Mistype? Am I reading it wrong?

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    I really want to see a test weekend where they disabled the aim dressing system, like they did with Bloodlust that one time, just to see if it's actually making any positive difference. I think it's totally plausible that the only major impact it has on the game is causing killers to miss the occasional hit, and people otherwise wouldn't notice its absence.

    Making hits look nicer is a worthwhile goal, but it seems like it might be doing more harm than good.

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    Would've made no difference here, you hit the pallet the first time, the wall the second and that was the end of that.