League System

Rokadaro Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

Hi there

I just want to say something that is annoying me for a long time now. I´m playing only some games after work in the evening but the way the League in DdD is working kills all the fun I usually had. When I go up in the first weeks of the season everything is fine and the fun is there. (In the beginning it is a little bit to easy tbh) But when I get to blood 4 or higher the players are clearly above my skill-level. In other games this would mean that I go down again. In DbD its nearly impossible to go down again. I´m stuck in blood right now and the biggest part of the games just goes 0-4 against me.

I like competition and challenges. That is why I´m playing the game. But beeing stuck over your level of skill is extremely frustrating and I would be fine if they just create a League where u are going up and down with the same points. Everybody would nearly play against players who are not to good or to bad. It wouldn't be to boring or frustrating (or at least not in every game).

Most likely the Devs will never read this but it feels good to write it down.

gn and sorry for my bad english ^^