[Dbd Killer} The Revenant

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Killer: The Revenant (i.e. Akito Yamaoka)

Chapter Name: Spiteful Dynansy 

Weapon: Ember Grasscutter

Map:  Broken Home [yamaoka estate]

Lore: After the fall of Akitto's father his family lineage was ruined. The reputation of his family was completely tarnished.. His father had achieved the name oni yamaoka and his family had to suffer with that reputation.

Kizans rampage has been told throughout all the villages he went to with his wife. No matter where he went, stories of the rampage of oni yamaoka spread everywhere.

But oddly enough Akito did not blame his father He took his father's words to heart. He believed that the false samurai had ruined the reputation of his father.

But with his injured leg. He couldn't do anything about it.. it still haunted him The death of his father was still looming over her shoulder The feeling of failure.

Akita was so disappointed of himself.

 The only people that supported him was his wife and his friend from long ago. The friend that was there whenever he hurt his leg the one that his father had punished severely. But this friend didn't leave his side especially when Akito needed him most At least that's what Akito thought he was here for.

No matter where a keto went the reputation followed him people sneered and confronted him some people threw things at him what his father had done was truly unforgivable in their eyes His father had killed so many people He had ended families ruined lives but to these people Akito only showed apathy. He saw no sympathy for the families of the false samurai. What his father had done was noble in Akito's eyes.

 No matter where Akito went his house was always founded by these people. He could never go anywhere He was always found somehow

People would raid his house, People would break his windows and his stuff. On some occasions people even threatened to murder His wife Misako and unborn child if he didn’t leave immediately. Akito was always running from this, but it started to get more and more suspicious how people kept finding out about his address. One day, no one knew who he was, and the next day everyone was turning on him. It was suspicious. 

Then he thought about everyone in his life. It couldn't have been Misako. His wife had stayed faithful and loving to him the entire time, she had loved him through the threads of assault and hatred of his family line and she proudly held his last name by his side. she would never betray him like this but then he remembered his friend. 

The friend he had kept in contact with wrote letters to his friend every time he was forced to move. Akito to confirm these rumors wrote to his friend that he was going to be moving to a home that was west of the town he was currently living in.

The next day he heard stories about how that house was broken into and everything inside was broken and shattered.

Akito, filled with vengeance, rage and wrath Left Misako alone in the house they had moved to, and confronted his friend In the woods.

Once akitos friend had figured out that he knew he confessed. Every time Akito moved his friend was telling anyone and everyone in the town that he moved to who he was and what his father did. His friend Believed that Akito should suffer for what his father did and the seeming apathy he had for all the lives his father ruined. The Friend Attacked Akito enraged that he has no sympathy for who his father hurt. 

But Akito didn't come with a grudge just to cane Akito filled with wrath, anger and frustration, he stabbed the Grasscutter that he hid In his arm brace into his friend. His friend was stunned as he staggered back as Akito dragged the Naginata down their friends chest and pushed the friend off once it reached their lower waist and then they fell dead. Akito wiped his Grasscutter and gave 1 last apathetic look to his father and left him laying there. And he went home hoping that this would be the end of it but with this he felt a new calling to his life, he told Misako of his new calling what he had done and he knew that this was what he had to do. 

Misako  supported this calling, happy that her husband felt fulfilled and Joyful for the first time in many years. He felt a new purpose, a way to redeem and get vengeance for his father.

Akito and his wife bought a carriage to live in with the understanding their reputation would make it so no living situation was permanent

Every week they would travel and settle in a new town. And every night Akito would Kill anyone who was spreading the stories of his fathers rampage. Anyone who used the Term “Oni Yamaoka” would slaughter them silently in the night with rage. 

Soon stories began about those strings of murder. a rumor of a curse, that Oni Yamoka had cursed his name and anyone who spoke it would be struck down by the Avatar of vengeance. This force was called “The Revenant of the Yamokoa”. Akito had silently pursued this new purpose in his life. He felt proud being known as a force of vengeance for his family, he owned the Name ‘The Revenant of the Yamokoa’ proudly. Akito after countless murders he did silently in the shadows until one day his wife got fearful for his actions. Misako pleaded for him to cease this calling he had taken on, asking for him to give up on this anger he had held, for her, and his Child. Akito understood Misako's words and did stop his killings.

But Akitos actions wouldn’t go unpunished. One Afternoon a fire had started at the bottom of his house as he looked out the window at the angry townspeople led by the wife of Akito's ex friend and many faces of wives, husbands and children of the people he's Killed. he knew that this was the end. He wasn't going to get out of this alive.

He led Misako and his 2 year old daughter to The window over top of the garden and held her pleading for her not to let anyone know she knew about his killings. With one final kiss he threw her out of the window. as the oxygen entered the window The room flared up with flames burning him 

Misako stared at him screaming with great Sorrow holding her daughter tightly but he was gone.

In the flames as Akito's body was burned.

A deep fog seeming to be lighter than the smoke surrounding him consumed his body. Never to be seen again

Power: The revenant has the ability Yamakas Vengeance by using a supply of Rage flares dropped through the trail

The Revenant has the ability to Channel the vengeance his family has been building up for years into a powerful ability

Over the course of the trail the Revenant will be gathering Rage Flares. 

Rage flares can be dropped by survivors or killers and each rage flare gives you 3% of your power bar and you can see them within a 6 meter radius around you (rage flares will fly into the Revant if the enters the same room their in)

[Rage flares]

Survivors drop rage flares when

-failing skill checks (2 flares)

-Getting hit (3 flares)

-getting into to chase (1 flare) 

-Being downed (2 Flares)

-Being hooked (3 flares) 

-Drops 2 flares every 10 seconds when under a status effect

The Revenant drops flares when

-Being stunned (3 flares)

-Being flashlight blinded (2 flares)

-A survivor flashlight saving a survivor their carrying (5 Flares)

-A gen getting completed (2 flares)

[Yamakas Vengeance]

With these rage flares the revenant can activate 1 of 2 modes and each one spends an amount of your power bar and it can scroll through these abilities will the 2ndary action button

[Destructive Rage]

Activating costs 35% of your power bar. When activating Destructive anger The Revenant will go into a frenzy Slashing the Naginata rapidly Diagonally rotating left to right for 3 seconds. Doing 1 health state of damage to any survivors caught in the slashing, if the Revant has a pallet thrown on them in this they will stop and do 1 last big slash in front of them

[Sudden Rage

Activating costs 65% of your power bar. The Revenant will Sheath the Naginata and become undetectable moving at a speed of 6.7m/s and vaulting windows 55% faster for 55 seconds. When exiting this mode after a 3 second animation. the Revenant will quickly charge forward holding the Naginata forward and pin any survivors on it if their caught in its way and instantly down them (you can cancel the charge by doing your basic attack at any time during the charge)

[Overwhelming Anger]

Activating costs 95% of your power bar. The Revenant will Roar loudly and see all survivors with killer instincts during this all survivors become Blinded. During this the Revenant will at 7.0m/s and when the Revenant sees a survivor he can hone in on that survivor and when their visible for at least 4 seconds the Revenant in a flash of Crimson energy will dash at the survivor through walls and down them. 


Pallet Break- the revenant will Raise their foot and stomp down on the pallet

Wall break- the revenant will stab the Naginata into the wall and drag it down then punching the slice it made

Pallet Stun- The Revenant will move back quickly before the pallet hits them and stare at the survivor in pure rage and annoyance 

Damage Generators- The Revenant will kick the gen

Vaulting- The Revenant will check on the other side and vault and jump through

Cleaning weapon: The Revenant will look at the Naginata and the bloody embers will flake away then it will make new clean embers


Civil War- You have the ability to effortlessly turn Friend to foe causing survivors to lose trust in each other and turn on eachother

When you kick a generator the gen will start regressing 120% the normal rate and will not stop regressing unless 2 survivors start repairing it. If only 1 survivor starts repairing it it will immediately start regressing once they get off of it. 

When 2 survivors jump on the gen they will both simultaneously get continuous Skill check when one of them fails a skill check the one who fails will scream and have their aura revealed for 7 seconds while being hindered for 8 seconds

While the survivor who won will gain a speed boost and their scratch marks will be hidden for 8 seconds

But if both survivors fail at the same time they will both scream and become exposed and hindered for 3 seconds 

Boiling Blood:- This perks channels the Killers Deep aura reading potential. The Failure of a survivors Allies fills them with Immense anger. The Killer can feel that anger and who it's directed towards. 

When 2 survivors are doing a cooperative action and one of them fails, the survivor who failed will have their aura revealed for 2/4/8 seconds for each survivor doing the task with them . this perk has a cooldown of 15 seconds

{Hex} Ally of Adversary:- All survivors now have a red stain projecting in were they are facing and have a 10/15/25 meter terror radius Around them

Add Ons

(add Flavor Text below the add on)

Add Ons

Common Addons {2}

Burnt Bento: Rage flares can now only be dropped by The Revenant. Gives a 25% blood bonus in the Devious category

Description: “everything tastes bitter when your angry” Akito Yamaoka

Paper Lantern: Increase Rage flare Absorbing speed by 4 m/s

Description: “Perhaps a memento of a joyful time before it was all ruined by a shattered legacy”

Uncommon Add Ons {4} 

Ink Tiger: Decreases consumption of Yamakas Vengeance by 4% when activating Sudden Rage and Destructive Rage

Description: “an Ink painting depicting a Tiger taking on a Pride of Lionesses”

Dusty Practice Sword: Increases Rage flare aura reading range by 3 meters

Description: “Akito had little use for this after his injury despite his best efforts his father wouldn't let him continue practicing since it was only cursing him harm”

Origami Dog: when a survivor is hit by Sudden Rage they become Exhausted for 9 seconds

Description: “a cute origami dog made by a young Akito when his father wasn’t making him train”


Rare Addons {4}

::Destructive Rage will inflict Survivors with Oblivious for 15 seconds when a survivor is hit





Very-Rare Addons{3}

Splitters of a crutch: Increase the Movement control during the dash of Sudden Anger by 13%

Description: “This crutch is a symbol of my failure as a son. I sealed my fate of never being enough for him….” Akito Yamoka



Iridescent Add ons {2}


Family Crest Engagement Ring: Whenever a survivor drops their 4th Rage flare they will become Exposed  for 15 seconds

Description: “I love you and your passion for your family i will alway love you” Misako Yamaoka

Mori: The Revanant will stalk twards the downed survivor as they flip over and crawl backwards the Revanant will reach down and grab survivor by their neck and start burning their neck and survivor will scream until it becomes scratchy then the revant will throw the survivor down and plant its foot on their neck and stab the Grasscutter into their upper neck and drag it down to their lower waist.  

Praise The ENTITY

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