Chapter Concept: The Road so Far

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Hey everyone! I started playing DBD around the middle of last year, and this is the fourth concept I have come up with. The concept is original, but the characters are not as it would be a licensed concept. If you are curious about the other concepts

The Teacher:

The Magician:

The Weaver -

Supernatural License Chapter Concept: The Road so Far

Killer: The Lightbringer (Lucifer)

Weapon: Archangel’s Blade

Ability: Inherit the Earth – Start the Trial with four Altars around the map. Each of these Altars activates a different ability for Morning Star. Each Altar may only be activated once, and the aura of these Altars is always shown to The Lightbringer. The Lucifer altar may only be activated once all the other altars have been activated. This Altar aura will be shown in red to The Lightbringer, and the rest will be shown in white. An Altar that has been used will not be shown to The Lightbringer.

Power: Morning Star - You were cast out of Heaven for your refusal to take a knee. You are out to prove that you are better than your brothers by being better than they are at what they do. You can only have one aspect of Morning Star active at a time. Interacting with an altar will prevent you from interacting with another altar for 90 seconds.

Morning Star: At the start of the trial, all generators are hidden. Once two or more survivors have interacted with a generator anywhere on the map, you gain the ability of Morning Star. Any time in the trial while you are in the Morning Star state, a survivor interacting with a totem or chest reveals their location for 4 seconds.

Morning Star: Michael – After interacting with the Michael altar, you feel a surge of brutality. You gain bloodlust stacks at 100% increased speed. Your terror radius is increased to 40m. Reduces the duration of stuns and blinds on you by 66.6%. Survivors chained to this altar will suffer hindered for 66 seconds after being rescued.

Morning Star: Raphael – After interacting with the Raphael Altar, you understand your mission is to finish things out how they were intended to. Any Hex totems that have been cleansed will be rekindled (Hex: Pentimento totems that are in place of other Hex Totem will not bring back the original Hex, and Hex: Pentimento totems will not be rekindled.) Any unopened chests in the trial will take 100% longer to open. Survivors chained to this altar will perform actions at 66.6% speed for 66 seconds after being rescued.

Morning Star: Gabriel – After interacting with the Gabriel Altar, you are set to prove that you are more cunning than your brother ever could be. Disables all aura reading from survivor perks and reduces your terror radius to 20m. Survivors chained to this altar will suffer blindness for 66 seconds after being rescued.

Morning Star: Lucifer – After interacting with all three other altars, you may interact with the Lucifer Altar.  Activating the ability Morning Star: Lucifer, after putting a survivor in the dying state, will teleport you and the dying state survivor to the furthest altar, chaining them to it and inflicting them with Chained Sacrifice. No more than one survivor can be chained to an altar. Survivors chained to altars will have their auras hidden but will periodically scream and have their location revealed to other survivors. Survivors chained to this altar will suffer from the Broken status effect for 66 seconds after being rescued.



- Water-Logged Holy Book – Adds 7 seconds to the duration of all Chained Sacrifice debuffs.

- Serpent’s Tongue - The first time a survivor interacts with anything besides a generator or another survivor, have their location revealed to you for 4 seconds

- Broken Rib – Survivors chained to altars have their auras revealed to all survivors. Increases Bloodpoints gained in the Sacrifice category by 100%

- Rotten Apple – Removes the terror radius reduction in Morning Star: Gabriel. Increases Bloodpoints gained in the Hunting category by 100%


- Torn Colorful Coat – Increases your terror radius an additional 4m while in Morning Star: Michael

- Two Fish – All Hex totems can now be rekindled during Morning Star: Raphael. The most recent hex totem will take priority in rekindling.

- Brick of Babel – Survivors hooked will receive a brick to replace their held item. They must replace the brick on a random altar before being able to carry any other item. If the survivor was holding an item when hooked, it will be back in their inventory once the brick has been placed.

- Vial from the Red Sea – Survivors chained to altars will no longer scream, and the time between their location reveal will be increased.

- Lock of Samson’s Hair – Survivors suffering from Blindness will also suffer from Hindered for the same duration.


- Goliath’s Sandal – Reduces the Distance between Altars in the trial

- Lion’s tooth – Additionally causes survivors afflicted by Chained Sacrifice to Hemorrhage for the same duration.

- Ambergris – Additionally causes survivors afflicted by Chained Sacrifice to be Exhausted for 10 seconds

- Lazarus’s Bandages - Survivors fulling healing each other near an altar will suffer from Hindered for 15 seconds

- False Miracle – Increases survivor Aura reading by 4 seconds. Any time a survivor benefits from aura reading, reveal their location to you for 4 seconds.

Ultra-rare: (The Lightbringer is unable to carry more than one Blade per trial)

Michael’s Blade - Increases the power of the effects of Morning Star: Michael. Gain bloodlust stacks an additional 100% faster and increases the duration of the debuff caused by Chained Sacrifice by 66 seconds.

Raphael’s Blade – Increases the power of the effects of Morning Star: Raphael. Any rekindled hex will be protected by the entity as long as you remain in Morning Star: Raphael. This protection will persist for 66 seconds after interacting with another Altar. Increases the duration of the debuff caused by Chained Sacrifice by 66 seconds.

Gabriel’s Blade – Increases the power of the effects of Morning Star: Gabriel. Disables all aura reading from survivors and reduces your terror radius to 10m. Increases the duration of the debuff caused by Chained Sacrifice by 66 seconds.

Lucifer’s Blade – Increases the power of the effects of Morning Star: Lucifer. After activating the Lucifer altar, any survivors that have not been hooked will suffer from Exposed until they enter the dying state and any survivor in the injured state will become broken for 66 seconds. Increases the duration of the debuff caused by Chained Sacrifice by 66 seconds.


- Devil’s Rage – Begin the Trial in Morning Star: Michael phase. Reduces stun duration on you by 99% for the duration of the trial, however blind duration returns to normal while in Morning Star: Michael

- Key to the Cage – Allows the Lightbringer to use Chained Sacrifice in any stage of Morning Star. Additionally, survivors in the dying state will have their movement speed greatly reduced, and The Lightbringer can choose which altar they want to teleport to instead of just the furthest altar.


Hex: Perfect Vessel: Survivors exiting lockers will have their aura revealed for 6/8/10 seconds.

Revealing Light: Interrupting a Survivor reveals the aura of all Survivors for 6/8/10 seconds and the location of all Boons until they are snuffed out.

Scourge Hook: Darkness: After being unhooked from a Scourge Hook, survivors are enveloped in Darkness until fully healed or they complete a generator. While enveloped in Darkness, survivors suffer from Oblivious and have limited sight. 

Killer Stats: Base Movement Speed – 4.4 mps. Height: Average Difficulty: Hard


Dean Winchester: Legendary Skin ~ Castiel

Sam Winchester: Legendary Skin ~ Charlie Bradbury



Carry on: After opening a chest, gain a 1/2/3% haste buff that lasts until you lose a health state. 

Grace: When you are put into the dying state after cleansing a totem, disable the killer’s special ability for 10/15/20 seconds. If the totem was a Hex totem, double this duration.

Mark of Cain: Completing a skill check while injured grants you a token. You may gain up to 5 tokens. Grant a stacking haste buff of .5/.75/1% up to a total of 2.5/3.75/5%. Entering the dying state causes you to lose all tokens. This perk deactivates once the exit gates have been powered.


Apocalypse Guide: When the exit gates are powered, hide your aura and the aura from the killer. While this perk is active, reveal the location of the exit gates to all survivors. This perk deactivates if you enter the dying state or exit the trial. If you are on a hook when the exit gates are powered, the activation of this perk is delayed until you are unhooked.  

Indomitable Will: You refuse to give up. While in the hooked state and the struggle phase, slows the rate of the hook meter by 50/75/100%. While not hooked, you repair generators 2/2.5/3% faster for every hook state you have. Other perks slowing hook state progression will have 10/15/25% increased effects on you.

Weight of the World: Start the game with zero tokens. Each time you unhook an individual survivor, gain a token. Each token increases your healing speed on all survivors by 15/20/25%. If you have three tokens, increase your healing speed on all survivors by 100/110/125%. If a survivor dies by any means, this perk deactivates.


I considered Jack, but I think Charlie will go over a lot better for fans…and let’s be honest, for sales. Felicia Day is amazing

Grace was originally called Castiel’s Grace, but I figured having him as a legendary skin option would be weird having him as a perk name. Also. Yes. I *HATE* franklins. You get a stupid perk that causes me to lose value on a 15k BP item and I have no way to do the same to you? Nah fam that isn’t cool.

Gabriel feels very underwhelming, or maybe the others are more overpowered? I am open to constructive criticism here!

I originally began this concept with Amara/The Darkness in mind for the killer, because Lucifer felt like too obvious of a choice, but she was shaping up to be a harder to play dredge, so I scrapped that and went this route, I think it turned out pretty good. I really liked her in the show tho, so I paid homage via the scourge hook

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