Please note: Although we may stop by occasionally, this is not a developer Q&A. I had an interesting experience with the Knight.


Anyone else just hanging out on a gen, going against a Knight, and the Knight uses their GUARD to grab you off a gen and teleport you to the Knights shoulder? If its a bug, I'll report it but I need to be sure its not part of his gameplay. I dont play Knight.


  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 14,565

    That sounds like a bug (if it is even still happening? Not sure when last patch dropped)

    just make a bug report on it - if devs consider it not to be a bug you get the answer there and no harm is done (so I guess it’s nice that you want to make sure before to avoid unnecessary work on their end)

  • FMG15
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    the fact that this still didn't get fixed is ridiculous. I played recently as KNight on Ormond. Mid chase the survivor ran to the pallet and I wanted to summon a guard to the pallet to kick it before he could make it. Instead of that I grabbed him of the pallet because he vaulted at the same time when I wanted to kick the pallet. I let him wiggle free because I never abuse exploits. But it really surprised me because I thought they fixed it.