New Chapter: LOST

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When I say LOST, i'm talking about the iconic TV show from the early 2000s. Now the killer would be the smoke monster. The smoke monster can morph into anyone they choose as well, so in the game, they would be able to morph into one of the survivors, making them think they were a friend, but actually an enemy. The smoke monster to go into his human form, and have his knife, but could also go into smoke form, and make his noise as he traversed the map in smoke form. The survivors could be anyone from flight 815, but Jack Shepard and Kate Austin would be the best I think. It would just be so amazing, to see the pillar of smoke travel across the dbd world, as well as not know who you could trust, which could be some hilarious moments. The map of course, could be the temple, the temple where he lives in the show. I really hope this gets added, but we'll see, have a good day yall.


  • The_Scarlet_Witch
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    Lost was a boring show (My Opnion)

    I personally would hate anything from the show coming into DBD.

  • Ivory_Partnaite
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    I made a suggestion just like this to add The Kandarian Demon from The Evil Dead which would possess survivors but there'd be small details that show they're possessed.