Ada Wong Make-Up rework + Qipao dress Head Piece Edit

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A while back I decided to look a bit closer into Ada's head texture and found out that they used the RE2make model to bake her head textures for the DbD model (the shape of the head matches 1:1 (same method was used for Leon's and Sheva's heads))! But it's weirdly messed up and has her make-up misplaced and blurry while also having a clearer, self drawn second eyeliner (the bottom one)...

I tried to do the same and rebaked the head texture:

This is Ada's current head texture in Dead by Daylight

This is DbD Ada with the head texture I rebaked

I really hope they fix it soon since it's not too much work and would make Ada (literally) perfect.

Now to the Qipao dress: I was disappointed her head piece in the dress was just her default hair with little strands on her face, hair tucked behind her left ear and no new make-up.

I've decided to give her unique make-up that matches her RE4 appearance as well as edit the hair a little!

This is Ada's current Qipao head piece in Dead by Daylight

This is my edited head piece for Ada's Qipao set!

Hope you guys like it!