Chapter Concept Speculation - Tools of Torment

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Based on the Teaser, this is my quick guess at what the Chapter could be:

Power: Dead Eye

Place a Dead Eye Trap on the Ground.

Dead Eye Traps will rotate counter-clockwise and scan for Survivors within a certain distance. (?)

If a Survivor is spotted, the Dead Eye Trap will sound an alert and begin to Charge a Laser Shot while tracking the Survivor.

If the Survivor does not leave the visual range of the Dead Eye Trap, it will fire the Laser, dealing a Health state of Damage.

Pressing the Alternate Power button, you can take control of a targeted Dead Eye Trap.

While manually controlling a Dead Eye Trap, it will not emit an alert if it spots a Survivor.

While manually controlling a Dead Eye Trap, pressing the Basic Attack Button will charge and fire a Laser Shot.

Survivors are able to dismantle a Dead Eye Trap by approaching it and pressing the Action Button, like dismantling a Totem.

While dismantling a Dead Eye Trap, it cannot fire, but it will continuously emit an alert.


Hex: Retrofit - Interact with a Dull Totem to turn it into a Hex: Retrofit Totem. Survivors within 24m of a Hex: Retrofit Totem have their Aura revealed to you, but they also see the Aura of the Totem.

Livewire - Able to discern the repair progress of Generators within 24m by the Intensity of their Auras

Scourge Hook: Hardlink - Hooking a Survivor on a Scourge Hook shows the Aura of the Obsession for 6/7/8s. Hooking the Obsession on a Scourge Hook reveals the Aura of all Survivors for 6/7/8s.