Incoming Eruption Change Suggestion


....okay... 10% of the current gen is NOTHING


what about gaining tokens per kicked gen? each token increase the regression by another 10%????

so if the killer works to kick more gens he gets more value from it

and then reset after downing a surv.


  • ReverseVelocity
    ReverseVelocity Member Posts: 3,171
    edited February 2023

    I don't think that's a good idea, exponential growth can get out of control fast. They should just keep it at 10% of the total progress for the regression IMO.

  • leviivel
    leviivel Member Posts: 271

    this could work well, but there’d have to be some kind off limit or downside. Otherwise it’s gonna be an explosion meta with Jolt, PR, Overcharge/COB and still, Eruption. because COB and Overcharge’s popularity partly came from eruption and could help with this proposed change since killers can play a tad bit more risk heavy. Also, in general, often people with eruption kicked multiple gens anyways. Otherwise smart survivor could just do different gens.

    I think there should more stuff to let gens auto regress, cause gen kicking isn’t really fun for either side.

    i still think they should’ve just removed the incapacitated and just made it a 6-10 second entity block (so SWF doesn’t counter it a bit more and it doesn’t regress extra while you can’t repair it).

  • jjb985
    jjb985 Member Posts: 59

    It's pretty clear at this point they don't understand how to buff/nerf. Old eruption was never used because it was super weak , now it's a decent perk but often abused and now they want it to just die. Nobody will use this ever again because there's no reason to. It's literal trash now. The 10% current progress even on a gen almost done is already countered before you even get back to it. The aura means nothing also as it's also gone before you hook and get back over or slug and get back over. They keep over nerfing killer stuff to the point that you can't even use it.

  • BlueHorkew
    BlueHorkew Member Posts: 1,079

    That can get problematic with 3 gen situations or just get out of control.

    Probably more safe to just make it a flat 10%. Also, that token system is probably way too much work at this point for a perk.