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New Killer: The Hound

A quadruped humanoid skeleton corrupted by the Entities craftmanship The Hound lurks in the thick dark mist, rushing and hunting down unsuspecting victims at dangerous speed. The Hound is proficient at locking down zones and ending a chase swiftly.

Very basic and brief Origin:

A survivor being pulled into the Entity's realm had a heart attack, therefore the Entity couldn't preserve their life and they just became a rotten corpse. So the Entity decided to do it's craftsmanship on it and turned it into a monstrous quadrupedal speed demon.


The Mori animation will be it eating the survivor from the torso, while The Hound's ribcage rattles and spreads out

While carrying a survivor, it stands up almost like a chimpanzee and hunched over. Same thing when hooking a survivor.

When The Hound is stunned, it will release a vicious pain-induced scream while cowering on the floor and looking down.

Weapon: When dashing, The Hound twists it's head sideways and bites survivors. While in a normal state, The Hound swipes at them with a its right hand.

Height: Small

Terror Radius: 40

Speed: 4.8m/s

Power: Auric Blood

At the start of the trial, the trial floods with a thick Dark Mist making it difficult for survivors to see their surroundings, four Lanterns spawn on the map which can be utilized to decrease the Dark Mist around them.

The Hound leaks a yellow glowing thick goo from it's chest cavity which lights a trail in the dark mist.

Special Ability: Dash

Trigger Dash to change the killers movement speed to 5.6m/s which lasts 20 seconds with a cooldown of 25 seconds and a fatigue duration of 5 seconds. During this time multiple leaps can be activated which allows it to jump over half-walls/fences. Hitting a survivor increases the cooldown by 10 seconds.

Special Object: Lanterns

Lanterns produce a radius of light which greatly lessens the dark mist when a survivor is within that radius, if The Hound stands within that radius, the killer will be stunned for a long period of time. Lanterns decrease 1c/s with a maximum charge of 40, making lanterns last for 40 seconds. Lanterns charge at a rate of 0.5c/s making them fully recharge for 80 seconds.

Special Vulnerability: Lightburn

It's blood suffers a sensitivity to light, causing The Hound to suffer from Lightburn. Shining Flashlights or Lanterns at The Hound's body, or detonating Firecrackers or Flash Grenades nearby will stun and blind it.


Common Addons:

Rotten Flesh Graft: Decreases stun durations by 0.5 seconds.

Candle Ashes: Decreases Lanterns charges by 5

Decaying Auric Cell: Increases Dash speed by 2%

Oozing Growth: Decreases the Dash cooldown after hitting a survivor by 3 seconds.

Uncommon Addons:

Damaged Flesh Graft: Decreases stun durations by 0.75 seconds.

LDL Medication: Increases Dash time by 5 seconds.

Detached Eyeball: Increases your Field of View by 12°. (Doesn't stack)

Blinding Reagent: Increases the Thickness of the Dark Mist by +25%

Sharpened Phalanges: Gain a 5% haste for 8 seconds after breaking a wall.

Rare Addons:

Shattered Prescribed Glasses: Increases your Field of View by 15°.

Entity Marking: It has a remarkable reaction when blood contacts it. After biting someone while in a Dash, all survivors become tracked by Killers Instinct for 4 seconds. Increases heal speed by +10% for all survivors

Signed Wizard Figurine: A wizard figure used for Dungeons and Dragons.

While during a dash, injuring a survivor gives them the Deep Wound status effect for

Scraped Flesh Graft: Decreases blind duration by -40%.

Glowing Aura: Increases Dash speed by +5%.

Ultra-Rare Addons:

Outdated Computer: Increases Dash time by 8 seconds.

Bloody Flesh Graft: Decreases Lightburn caused stun time by -60%

Glowing Grease: Increases leap distance by 4 meters and height by 1 meter.

Family Photo: Start the trial in Dash mode, removes the stun after hitting a survivor in Dash mode. Gives injured survivors Enduring until the Dash ends.

Iridescent Addons:

Iridescent Collar: An Entity marked collar with the name scratched and unreadable.

  • After a survivor is hooked twice, you may kill the survivor where they stand even when Healthy while in Dash mode.
  • Increases the Dash cooldown by +50%
  • Lowers The Hound's base speed to 4.6m/s
  • Adds a dog collar to the default skin/cosmetics

Iridescent Markings: An entity making carved into the frontal bone.

  • Reduces The Hound's terror radius to 24
  • Adds one more lantern (Three lanterns), setting the radius of lantern light to 6 meters.
  • Every 40 seconds, see all the survivors auras for five seconds.


The Hound's perks allow it to track down survivors, lock the location down and corner them.


Survivors running within 6/12/18 meters of the killer will be notified with Killers Instinct.

Hex: Scent Enhancement:

While the Hex is active: Windows, pallets, totems, hooks and chests previously used by a injured survivor will be revealed to the killer with an aura within a 16/32/48 meter radius.


Adds 30/40/50% more breakable walls to the match. Breaking a wall blocks off all nearby windows for 30 seconds.

(I couldn't think of a survivor)


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    You're concept sounds amazing tbh, there are some changes which I would make to balance it out and to make the dark mist passive more unique to you're killer.

    The Hound can only be light burned in the dark mist.

    The Hound is undetectable in the dark mist

    The glowing goo coming from the killer can be seen by survivors however it does not remove the dark mist.

    Special Object: Lanterns

    Lanterns decrease 1c/s with a maximum charge of 40, making lanterns last for 40 seconds

    At the start of the trial all survivors are given a lantern with 40 charges. The lantern's light removes the darkness of the mist in a 8m range. The previously enlightened areas will become dark again after 60 seconds. Once a lantern has lost all charges it disintegrates and a random lantern will spawn immediately for that survivor on the map highlighted in a red aura (other survivors can take the lantern). The killer can see these lanterns as they will still emit a light which spans 4m. The killer can interact with these Lanterns similar to a BOON, once destroyed cause a 30 second re-spawn cooldown for all lanterns.