Is there a point to survivng?

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What goal do they achieve by escaping the killer, what's the point of the trials, why not just bleed out and die every single trial, because they'll still be in the realm regardless if they win or lose, is the endless trials a part of the lore, or is that just a game aspect, if its lore, yeah, there's no point to survive at all, you achieve nothing, it's just endless work you'll be put through, if there is a point, I wanna know, why hasn't that part of the lore been revealed yet


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    yeah, but in the lore aspect these survivors have just been here for so long surviving, I think they genuinely just take breaks, where they just sit and die over and over and then after like 100 times they continue surviving again, but there genuinely is no point, very, it's not comparable to actual life because there's more things to do outside the realm than in it

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    The lore is a little bit inconsistent but from what I gathered, the survivors actually get their memory’s wiped after each trial, so they don’t know how often they are going into these. I think Benedict Baker found a way to memorize still by writing stuff down etc. though I do not remember everything completely and as said, it’s a little bit inconsistent.

    also, survival is also kinda an instinct and they probably also want to avoid the physical pain of getting hit/dying/being sacrificed, and once survivors are out of hope, the entity doesn’t have any use for them anymore and dumps them into ‚the void‘ as it feeds of the survivors emotions like hope.

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    Escaping the Entity is possible. Just not through the Trials. Several lore characters have escaped from the Entity.

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    I believe years ago BHVR said that all the survivors we play as are the ones who eventually escape out of the billions of people within the Entity. In lore, I think Vigo escaped. Others perhaps, but not certain.

    All survivor memories are wiped at the end of each trial, even though they feel like a little piece of them has disappeared. Every trial is the first for a majority of survivors.

    In theory, the ones we play as are the ones who are able to navigate the trials and learn more skills to defend themselves. They comprehend the changes of the maps. They begin to understand that they are in a cycle and this may be key to them eventually finding more beyond the trials. This may explain why these are the few who ultimately escape the Entity.

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    Hmm.... My take on this:

    When a Survivor is sacrificed, they're consumed into the Void. Their memories, their being, is tossed into that primordial soup of digested memory. They may coalesce into themselves after a time, through some sort of memoiric emotional anchor that pulls most of themselves back together (likely missing pieces, especially recent ones), that might just so happen to be tossed back into The Trials.

    (And these shed violent memories may act as catalysts for horrors, captured for power, etc., if you want a lore reason for the monsters that the Entity can throw out, or to establish why these structured Trials exist in the Entity's realm, perhaps from a 3rd party.)

    That anchor memory for Survivors is likely an unbreaking will, sense of self, or a goal, which may act as the driving force forward even in the face of futility, even fueled a bit by curiosity, egotism, or spite.

    And sometimes Survivors do lose hope, and when the time comes that they get consumed into the Void again, their spirit latches onto hopelessness, and they never really reform.

    Why the trials seemingly have an infinite supply of Survivors though, I'd chalk up to the Entity being an omniversal being, scraping things from an infinite number of multiverses.

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    The trials are part of the lore, the thing is that everytime a surv is killed or survives, the Entity just transports them to the campfire, regenerates his bodies at full health without wounds and wipes out their memories of the trials and what happens in them. So basically, they think they`re in a new place everytime they wake up in the campfire. Although it is mentioned in the lore that sometimes the memories of their past trials leak into their brains, that's why some survs may be aware of the nighmare their living, We also have confirmed that some survs found a way to escape the trials, but are still trapped in the Entity's realm, wandering for a way out that they won't find.

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    In the Lore, there are survivors who give up completely and stop trying to survive. These survivors are cast into the Void by the Entity.

    In terms as to why Survivors keep trying to Survive, I'd imagine the main motivation is to avoid a really painful death. Getting ripped up by a machete doesn't seem all that pleasant even if you know you'll live to tell the tale (in a way).

    In the case of some Survivors, they enjoy beating a deadly adversary, which sounds pretty weird and twisted, but it makes sense. Ace always has a smile on his face, regardless of the circumstances. In Feng's lore it mentions how she doesn't despair being in the entity's realm, and how she's determined to win. Bill spent decades resenting his peaceful life, all he wanted was an enemy to fight.

    There's probably something exhilarating about managing to outsmart and escape a deadly killer, and that feeling would be enough for some people to push on.

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    Two reasons:

    1. they still believe theres an escape. And besides, dying is painful
    2. If they just give up and stop trying to escape, the entity throws them into the void, which only 2 people have ever returned from iirc