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Extra Chapter 1 - Fragments of Brilliance - Redone

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So I've been away for a time due to medical reasons, but I'm back playing this game -this time on PC- and I have decided to go back to publishing my concepts, beginning with my rework on the first and only one I shared. I hope you find it interesting.







The Madman is a scientist, obviously inspired by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He has a different appearance, depending on whose alias he is assuming. His 'survivor' alias is Dr. Jeremy Cole, a tall, stooped over man. His alter-ego, simply known as The Mauler, is a deformed, bulky, bigger version of himself. In both phases, he wears a lab coat over a greenish brown vest.

The Madman is a sabotageur killer, who will be played in two different phases, each focusing on a different gameplay, and the player will be able to somewhat control what he will be playing as. Introducing the new Dizzy status effect, which makes the survivors have a blurry special effect displayed on screen, creating a double image ‘mirage’ like effect so it becomes unclear where exactly they are navigating through, effectively reducing the info they can get from their TVs and halving every action speed.




Every 40 seconds, the Madman shifts from his 'survivor' alias to the killer one and viceversa. At the start of the game, they will have 5 uses of this ability. By pressing once the ability button and consuming 1 use, the character injects themselves with a needle and they can extend the duration of the alias they're using for 20 seconds. By holding it pressed and consuming 3 uses, they can force-shift to the other alias, which triggers a shifting animation, which takes 1.5 seconds, as opposed as when timer runs out, which takes 2.5 seconds. This is intended as a resource management mechanic, as it means the killer will have to play strategically and efficiently so they won’t be stuck in Jeremy’s ego for 40 seconds if not intended, or being forced to shift into him while chasing a survivor because the killer run out of uses. Uses are replenished at a 25 seconds/use rate, but there is a recovery delay of 5 seconds upon use of the power.

Jeremy Cole

The survivor ego of the killer, which allows him to pose as other survivor, but with unique looks, so he will be recognizable in close distances if paying attention, but not so much in the distance. In this shape, he has no terror radius and no red light, but he can’t attack. He can temper with gens instead. The animation is exactly the same one the survivors use to repair them but only lasts 3 seconds, with a hard skill check. The gen will regress at a 1%/second rate no matter the result of the test. If failed, though, it will create a loud noise notification, revealing Jeremy's aura for 2 seoncds. If passed, it will instantly regress an extra 3% and also add a chemical for 30 seconds, which will cause the Dizzy status effect for 15 seconds to the first survivor who interacts with it.

The Mauler

While in The Mauler form, the killer becomes a monstrous version of the doctor, and can use the power button to perform a lunge which deals no damage to survivors but can break pallets and walls, followed by two consecutive sweeps in front of him that have higher reach both in front and to the sides of the killer (similar to how the Cannibal works), effectively hurting and applying Dizzy for 15 seconds to any survivor hit. This has a 50 second cooldown.



Concussive Hit - Lunge normal attacks produce 'dizzy' status effect to hit survivors for 10/20/30 seconds. Cooldown: 70 seconds.

Drive Me Mad - Every attack missed by 2 meters while in chase gives the killer 1 token. Upon reaching the 3rd, recovery from missed attack is 20/35/50% faster and grants you a haste boost for 4/7/10 seconds.

Tantrum - Hitting a gen reverts the progress 50% slower but blocks other gens in a 40 meters radius for 10/15/20 seconds. Blocked generators that were being repaired are showed with a yellow aura. Cooldown: 60 seconds.





Jennifer was the daughter of a wealthy man who usually funded doctor Jeremy researches and experiments. Though she herself disliked the doctor, Jeremy became unhealthyly attracted to his sponsor's daughter.

Jennifer was a cheerful young lady who liked to wear formal, elegant, expensive clothes, but alas, she and her father wouldn't usually see eye to eye. Her way of rebelling against his oppressive, strict dad was to refuse using his money and assets, which usually meant relating to several, different individuals, even the doctor himself.



Unhealthy Attraction - This greatly increases your chances to be the obsession. It is activated whenever the killer is in chase of a survivor who is not the obsession, but the obsession is within the terror radius. Killer will get Killer Instinct on the obsession for 3 seconds and the obsession will be inflicted with exposed for 15/12/9 seconds. All the survivors will get a buff to repairing/healing of 20/35/50% base speed for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 80 seconds.

Quick Recovery - You obtain haste status effect for 4/7/10 seconds when inflicted with any debuff.

Quality Over Quantity - Held items are 20/30/40% more effective but are depleted 10/7/4% faster.

That's it. I gave it a light rework and kept it simpler. There's also a map which I could share, but describing is not my forte.

EDIT: Also, thanks to @pimin for his thorough and invaluable advice and insight on the game all those months ago. I hope it's better now, even if not interesting enough.