Terminus Bug



Terminus is bugged and isn't working correctly it applys the broken status effect to survivors but survivors can still heal through it with adrenaline also instead of de-activateing as it should after the exit gates have been opened it loops itself forever example:End game starts terminus activates gates open 30 secound timer starts timer ends survivors become unbroken, then timer starts again, once 30 secounds have passed after the perk activates again then de-activates in a endless loop

How to reproduce: Run Terminus on any killer

Run adrenaline on one or more survivors

injure Survivor(s) with adrenaline

Do all of the gens

wait 30 secounds after end game collapse starts

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  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 6,280

    Can confirm all of these issues, I also tested it again on the PTB and it’s still bugged.