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Wait how does no one in the Fog have a child? Or am I missing something?

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    I think Oni had a son. After all thats why Spirit exist. Otherwise I dont know.

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    Many characters have children within the lore, however if the question is more based on why aren't their children in the fog or why hasn't anyone had a child while in the fog... for the first of those questions no clue. Probably something along the lines of not getting the Entity's attention? Like we know Felix and Elodie's parents are somewhere in the fog, we just don't know where or if they haven't already been drained of all their hope prior to Felix and Elodie's arrival within the realm. As for the second, I'm going to guess the Entity does have some level of control over the thought processes of those in it's realm. As we see no survivors fight back during a trial despite always having easy access to long range weapons. I'd assume that level of "control" works the same around the campfire. Although it probably doesn't control them a lot, just minor things to make things better for itself and not for anyone else.

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    Felix has a child, he just never got to meet him.

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    Well, they don't age in the fog so I can't see it being an appropriate place for life to grow lol

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    If there were kids in the fog does that mean there'd be an entity run day care that the killers work at between trials?

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    In the fog:

    I feel like getting electriccuted, slashed, bonked, and vomited on will result in a miscarriage.

    outside of the fog:

    oni had a kid referenced in his add ons

    Felix had an unborn kid he left behind.

    Also, I feel like dbds devs don’t want kids to be brutally killed.

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    Wasn't Felix Blight's son? Also Felix himself had an unborn baby.

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    Where did you get that from? Talbot grimes wasn't german. And was from like the 1800s. Felix's father was member of a secret society trying to combat the entity.

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    I remember it being suggested (or even outright stated?) somewhere that the trials are little bubbles that effectively reset every time the survivors woke up in the trial. If they did bone, it would be undone the next trial.

    As for the control thing, I'd more assume that it's simply proven to be ineffective, if not a death sentence, to bring the fight to the killer. After all, this is the Entity's realm, and it can easily make them immortal and impervious to basic weaponry.

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    That would actually be a really good idea for a chapter, the survivor would be someone who was born in the entity's realm and the killer(s) would be their parents turned into a single killer.

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    I assume it’s the same reason for a lot of things.

    Reality isnt “real” in this realm. Survivors and killers don’t need sustenance - they don’t eat or drink. They don’t have to go to the bathroom. They die and come back. I assume they could have sex but are unable to procreate. You also find a lot of people of different backgrounds communicating. I assume they all speak their own native language but that somehow the realm translates everything so everyone can understand everyone else. It’s all warped and controlled to a certain extent.

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    Is Victor not a child?

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    Victor is the same age as Charlotte. Yknow...the Twins...