Predator: The Concept

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New Killer: "The Predator", a galactic being of the Yautja, a race of warriors who hunt other species for sport and claim their skulls as trophies, and they definitely take pleasure in hunting people they find as an honorable adversary. In one timeline, a Yautja hunter was bested by a man by the name of "Dutch", and before he could blow himself up along with Dutch, they suddenly disappear. In another timeline, a young Comanche girl set many traps for one primal looking Yautja who was hunting people in her tribe, and in the end, the Predator was defeated, but before she could finish it off, the Fog surrounded them and they ended up in a strange land.

Killer Power: Way of the Yautja; pressing and holding left bumper of M1 will allow you gain the ability to be invisible whenever you please, but as you get closer to any Survivor, you're technology starts to short circuit, making it easier for them to see you. While invisible, use the left bumper or M1 to switch to Thermal Vision, which makes it better to spot Survivors. Hitting a Survivor will take you out of invisibility for a short time. Your Aura cannot be shown while invisible.

Secondary Power: Shoulder Cannon; use left trigger or right click to aim your shoulder cannon at a Survivor, and then fire it at them to take away a health state. Survivors can see the red laser pointing at them, indicating your aiming at them, so they have either to take cover or try their best to dodge it. The Shoulder Cannon has three charges. The Shoulder Cannon has up to 3 Tokens for use at default. Shoulder Cannons can destroy dropped pallets and breakable walls.

Special Ability: Duel; the Predator can challenge any enemy who opposes him, as long as they are the obsession and are one hook away from instant death. When challenged, the Predator will give them their famous battle cry and they become Exposed until their put into the Dying State. Afterwards, the Predator has the option to "Claim Your Trophy", resulting in an instant Mori. Afterwards, another person becomes the Obsession.

The Predator has 3 New Perks:

Hex: Rivalry; each time you get stunned, blinded or Generator gets repaired, you gain a Token. Each Token gives you a 5% speed boost in getting stunned, picking up and putting down Survivors, and vaulting up to 3/4/5 Tokens. If you manage to kill the Obsession in anyway before your Hex is destroyed, your Tokens will be doubled.

Scourge Hook: Extinction; when a Survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook, they're permanently affected by Extinction. After the Exit Gates are powered, all Survivors can be killed for 60/120/180 seconds.

Hunter's Prowl; whenever a Survivor reveals your Aura, theirs are revealed back to you. Lasts for 6/7/8 seconds.

New Survivor: Alan "Dutch" Schaefer

Alan "Dutch Schaefer has 3 New Perks:

"Knock, Knock!"; You can move a Breakable Wall from one location to another. You become Hindered, Exhausted and Incapacitated while carrying a Breakable Wall, because it's very big. Taking wood from broken Pallets or other Walls and placing them on your Wall can increase its duration of Killers breaking it by 3/4/5 seconds.

"Get To The Choppa!"; If you happen to be the Obsession and you give an Injured Survivor a protection hit, they will receive a 5% Haste effect for 3/4/5 seconds, and you will receive the Broken effect for 60 seconds. You can see the Aura of any Survivor injured.

Confrontation; when Exposed, you have the ability to attack the Killer. Punching the Killer takes away the Exposed effect and stuns them for 3/4/5 seconds. You can only use it once. (You have to time this like how you time Dead Hard when injured.)

New Survivor: Naru of the Comanche

Naru has 3 New Perks:

Anticipation: Staying within the Killer's terror radius prevents them from reading your Aura or hearing you for 6/7/8.

Boon: Protected Grounds; when equipped, this prevents Survivors from getting detected by Killer Instinct. Any Hook within the Boon's range takes an extra 5/10/15 seconds after being sabotaged by a Survivor. Increases the Boon's range by 4 meters. This does not stack.

(Yes, this can be a perk...)

Companion: Sarii; your trusty dog companion can carry and retrieve any items that you drop. Sarii can roam around the map, he can follow you wherever you please and leap over certain vaults, which can't be too high, but he runs very quick, so you can whistle for him, and he'll come, but be warned, whistling near the Killer can cause trouble for you as the dog will run away. (Killers can't hit the dog.) Sarii can also bark at the Killer when they're nearby. While crouching, Sarii won't bark, but you can give him a command to attack by Killer by mauling their arm for 5 seconds until the Killer scares it away, you really have to time it though. When scared away, Sarii will return in 30/20/10 seconds.

Set for Predator:

Set 1: The Skele-Predator, Prey 2022

Set 2: "Mr. Black" or "The Berserker", Predators

Set 3: Thermal Vision Predator

Sets for Dutch:

Legendary Set 1: Lieutenant Mike Harrigan, Predator 2

Legendary Skin 2: Royce, Predators

Set 3: Muddy Dutch, Predator 1

Set 4: You Son of A *******!, the beginning of Predator 1

Sets for Naru:

Legendary Set 1: Taabe, Naru's brother..., Prey

Legendary Set 2: Anna Gonsalves, Predator 1

Legendary Set 3: Issabelle Nissenbaum, Predators

Set 4: Naru's Victory, Prey