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Hey everyone! I started playing DBD around the middle of 2022, and this is the fifth concept I have come up with. The concept is original in its entirety. You can check out my other concepts linked below.

The Lighbringer(Supernatural License Concept):

The Teacher:

The Magician:

The Weaver:

Killer: The Technician


Weapons – Charged Electric Rifle


Power – Tripwire


The Technician can place up to 12 tripwires around the map. The Technician will start with four tripwires and can reload two at a time from lockers. The maximum number of tripwires that The Technician can carry is 12. Survivors that move over a tripwire will fall, stunning them briefly and causing them to scream but breaking the tripwire. If a tripwire is placed high, survivors may crouch under it. While recovering from the fall, survivors will be exhausted for 2 seconds. 

 Sharp-eyed survivors that spot the tripwire can interact with one of the two anchors and disarm the tripwire. 

 Disarming will not break the tripwire, and The Technician can re-arm this after a short time using their special ability. 

 The Technician can place tripwires on the ground or at any height up to 2m between two walls. Setting tripwires takes two seconds (The Technician will hold M2 {or console equivalent} with an aura prompt to place the tripwire in eligible spots). Disarming the tripwire takes three seconds. The special ability portion related to re-arming the tripwires will re-arm them instantly and automatically when available.

 Special Ability – Technical Genius

 The Technician is a bit eccentric with her toys. She crafted an Electric Rifle that carries a nasty charge. Charging the rifle takes three seconds, and it can hold three charges. Fully charged, the rifle will emit a short-range electric pulse that will disorient (think Clown gas) survivors for three seconds if hit and injure if hit again while still disoriented. Downing a survivor with a charged attack from the Electric Rifle will cause any disarmed tripwires to re-arm.


 - Equipoise – Balance and perfection are the calling of a true genius. Anytime a generator is completed, the next closest to completion generator will be reduced to match the generator with the least progress, not exceeding 10/25/50% total progression loss, excluding generators with no progress. If there is no other generator with progress, this generator will have its current progress reduced by 10/25/50% *

 - Scourge Hook: Exhaustion – Survivors you placed on scourge hooks will begin to lose charges of their item at a rate of 150/120/90 seconds after being on a scourge hook for 10 seconds. Survivors unhooked will suffer exhaustion for four seconds.

 - Scourge Hook: Reinforced Steel – You are well known for your eccentric perfectionist views on every detail of every project. Scourge hooks are reinforced, increasing the effects of other Scourge hook effects by 50/75/100%. Scourge hooks will also not be destroyed on survivor sacrifice and will re-appear 50/75/100% faster when sabotaged.



 - Worn-out Batteries – Tripwires emit a loud sound. Gain 100% bloodpoints in the Hunting Category

 - Ripped Caution Tape – Tripwires placed on the ground can have an increased length of 200%

 - Unopened OSHA letter – Tripwires take One second longer to place. Survivors will be exhausted for three additional seconds if they trip.

 - Broken Beaker – Increases the Disorient from the Charged Rifle Pulse by one second


 - Model Paint – Tripwire anchors are darkened and harder to see

 - Reinforced Tripwire – Survivors must trip over a tripwire twice to break it.

 - Battery Pack – Increases the range of the Charged Rifle attack by 2m

 - Engineer's Duffel – Start the trial with an additional four tripwires

 - Empty Coffee Cup – Reduce the time to get Tripwires from lockers by 50%.


 - Barbed Tripwire – Survivors tripping over a tripwire will be injured instead of stunned and exhausted

 - Aced Engineer's Exam – Your mechanical knowledge sets the bar high. Disarming tripwires takes an additional 3 seconds

 - GGEZ Button – The Technician can now place an additional four tripwires around the map, and setting tripwires is instant.  

 - Missing Caution Tape – Tripwires placed on the ground can have an increased length of 500%

 - Portable Generator – The time to recharge the Charged Rifle is reduced by 50%


 - Diamond Enforced Tripwire – Tripwires cannot be broken, and disarming them takes an additional three seconds.

 - Killers guide to Electrocution – Your tripwires are all electrically charged and will injure survivors tripping over them. Survivors disarming tripwires will be shocked and scream, revealing their location for 3 seconds.

 - Chemical E – Survivors hit with a charged pulse will be injured and disoriented at first contact. Hitting a survivor with a second pulse will down them and cause any survivor within 12m to scream.

 - Old-fishing line – Survivors that have tripped will have to untangle themselves from the tripwire before getting up and continuing. This action takes the survivor two seconds with a 50% success chance, increasing for every failure.


 - Iridescent Blueprints – The Technician starts with 12 tripwires placed intelligently around the map. Six of them will be active, and six of them will be disarmed. Anytime a Survivor trips over a tripwire, a random disarmed tripwire will be armed. If there are no disarmed tripwires to arm, the survivor will be injured and suffer from deep wounds.

 - Tinfoil Hat – All Survivors start the trial with a tinfoil hat. Anytime a survivor encounters a tripwire at face/shoulder level (depending on where it would be since the heights differ), they will be Electrocuted. Survivors suffering from being Electrocuted will scream at impact, be injured, and gain a 2-second speed boost (similar to overcome), after which they will become exhausted for 20 seconds. (Note – This is in effect at all times, so it could happen to someone that isn't in a chase that just walks into it)

 Killer Stats – Height Average – MBS 4.4 mps Difficulty - Hard

 Survivor: Kenneth Kerr


 - Boon: Brilliance – Survivors holding items have 50/75/100 increased item efficiency while in the area of the boons effect. While not in use, held items will replenish charges at a rate of 10/15/25% per 10 seconds. Survivors interacting with a killer's special ability in the area of the boons effect will do so at an increased speed of 10/15/25% (pig boxes, freddy snaps, pinhead box, etc.)

 - Handyman – Survivors with a held toolbox can repair broken pallets to return them to their standing state. This action takes 15/12/8 seconds. This action consumes no charges from the toolbox. The cooldown of this ability is 60/45/30 seconds. Completing a pallet rebuild will trigger a loud noise notification to the killer.

 - Workman's Grip – Survivors may rummage through an empty chest for a Worn-out Tools/Toolbox/Commodius Toolbox equipped with a Spring Clamp add-on. A survivor carrying an item will be immune to dropping the item from killer perks or add-ons that would cause the survivor to drop the item.


* Equipoise explanation ~ so if you have the top tier of this perk and there is a generator at 90% and another at 10%, the 90% will only drop to 40%, however, if there is a generator at 90% and another at 63%, the 90% will drop to 63%. I had originally thought about equalizing the gen progress (in the killers favor) but it could be too devastating in a 4 to 3 gen situation for the killer if played correctly by survivors. <- Meaning taking an 80% and a 20% and making them both 50% 

Foreseeable Questions -

What happens to broken tripwires? - They will despawn after being broken. This is why The Technician can resupply from lockers

Why three charges? The Technician will need to hit with all 3 shots to down a survivor (barring use of Chemical E) and the survivor will still receive their injured speed boost on the second hit.


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    Will update for backstories and achievement ideas at a later date (It will be soon, I just wanted to get this all typed out and up before I forgot it)

    All constructive thought-out criticism is happily welcomed and always considered