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Hi guys, I was working on this concept for about a week and this is what I came up with. I love creating concepts for Dead By Daylight and I want to hear your opinion, so let's get into it!

Chapter title: Metal Mayhem

In the latest chapter of Dead by Daylight, survivors are thrown into a dystopian world ruled by machines, where a new robotic killer named The Mechanic is hunting them down. Created by a crazy scientist who wanted to create the ultimate killing machine, The Mechanic is a robotic monstrosity that is programmed to eliminate all human life.

Killer: The Mechanic

The Mechanic's lore:

The scientist, once a respected researcher in the field of robotics, became obsessed with the idea of creating the perfect killing machine. Using advanced technology and experimental techniques, he constructed a robot that was designed for one purpose: to hunt and kill human prey.

The robotic killer is a terrifying sight to behold, with a sleek metallic body and glowing red eyes. It moves with a menacing grace, its metal limbs whirring and clicking as it stalks its prey through the game's various environments.

The Mechanic is equipped with a deadly weapon and gadget. Despite its fearsome power, the robotic killer has a fatal flaw: it is driven by a twisted and unstable mind. Its creator's obsession with perfection and control has imbued the robot with a sadistic streak, and it takes perverse pleasure in toying with its prey before delivering the killing blow.

Killer's Power: System Shutdown

The Mechanic can temporarily shut down the survivors' technology, disabling their perks and abilities for a short period of time. When using this power, the killer targets a specific survivor within a certain range, causing their perks and abilities (including dropping pallets) to become inactive for a period of 15 seconds. The targeted survivor's screen will become dark and distorted, indicating that they have been affected by System Shutdown. The power can only be used on one survivor, but the screen effect can be used on multiple survivors.

System Shutdown can be a powerful tool for the robotic killer, allowing them to take away the survivors' advantages and make them more vulnerable. It can be particularly useful against survivors who rely heavily on their perks and abilities to escape or survive, such as those with healing perks or stealth abilities. The limited duration of the power means that the killer must use it strategically, choosing the right moment to disable the survivor's technology and make their move. The power can also be used to disrupt coordinated survivor teams, forcing them to rely on their individual skills rather than their team tactics.

The Mechanic's Perks:

Overclock: Your instincts tell you to not give up. Killer can temporarily (2s/3s/4s duration per perk level) slightly increase its movement speed and lunge range for a very limited period of time, making it harder for survivors to escape (1%/2%/3% speed and lunge range per perk level). The perk can be used every 10 seconds.

Hardened Armor: Your hatred for Survivors knows no bounds. Whenever a Survivor stuns you with a pallet, you gain a token up to a maximum of (6/8/10 tokens per perk level). Each token increases your movement speed by (0.2% per token) for the remainder of the trial. Additionally, if you hit a Survivor within 10 seconds of being stunned, you gain an additional token.

Unrelenting Pursuit: Your unyielding pursuit of survivors fuels your strength. After breaking a pallet, your movement speed is increased by 1%/2%/3% for 5 seconds.

Survivor: Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer's lore:

Jennifer always had a fascination with technology and computers, which led her to pursue a career as a software engineer. She was always driven and focused, often working long hours and sacrificing her social life in pursuit of her goals. However, when she was hired by a major tech corporation, she quickly realized that the company's priorities were not aligned with her own. They were more interested in profits than innovation, and Jennifer found herself becoming disillusioned with the corporate world.

One day, Jennifer discovered a group of like-minded individuals who shared her passion for using technology for good. They called themselves "The Resistance," and their goal was to expose the corrupt practices of the corporations and governments that controlled the world. Jennifer was hesitant at first, but eventually joined their cause, using her skills to hack into systems and gather information that could be used to expose wrongdoing.

It was during one of these missions that Jennifer found herself trapped in a deadly game with a robotic killer. She had to use all her skills and wits to evade the killer and escape, and it was a harrowing experience that left her traumatized. Since then, Jennifer has continued to work with The Resistance, but she's also developed a newfound appreciation for life and the importance of human connection.

Jennifer's perks:

Tech Savvy: Jennifer can repair generators faster than other survivors (3%/4%/5% per perk level) and each time a survivor is killed/sacrificed to the entity, you gain a token, for a maximum of 3 tokens. Each token increases the repair speed by 1%.

Cyber Defence: You are an expert at defending yourself. Once per trial, if you are carried by the Killer, you can instantly break free and gain a (1/1.5/2 per perk level) seconds 120% speed boost.

Electronic Warfare: You're adept at using technology to outmaneuver the Killer. When within the Killer's Terror Radius, you can activate Electronic Warfare to scramble their ability to detect your aura and any other survivor auras within your range for a limited time.

While Electronic Warfare is active, the Killer's aura reading abilities are disrupted. The Killer cannot see any survivor auras within a certain range (e.g. 16/24/32 meters) of the survivor using the perk. Additionally, the survivor using Electronic Warfare will not trigger any Killer detection perks or add-ons, such as BBQ & Chili, Nurse's Calling, or Stridor. The duration of the perk is 15 seconds and can be triggered once per (60/50/40 per perk level) seconds.

The map is a sprawling abandoned factory, filled with conveyor belts, machinery, and other hazardous obstacles that could (but you can just simply add invisible hitbox to prevent that) injure survivors. The survivors must navigate through the factory and repair the generators to open the exit gates, all while avoiding Killer's relentless pursuit.

I am also attaching a sketch of how these characters would look plus how the map would look like. All of these sketches are originally made by me. I am also creating some terror radius, lobby and chase music for the killer and the survivor and I will in the future edit this post with those included.

Thank you so much for reading this and I would be really fascinated that this chapter would be a new chapter for the game.

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