{DBD Survivor} Kai Zatzi

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{DBD Survivor} Kai Zatzi

Chapter Name: The Dangerous Thorn l

Lore: {N/A}


Slow Breathing:- When in the Killers Terror radius while standing completely still you will slowly heal yourself at a rate of 3% each second up to 30%/50%/70%

Text: “if i can survive in the heat of danger i can do anything everything is ok i’m going to live” Kai Zatzi

Leap of faith:- When vaulting a pallet or window you gain Endurance. This perk goes on cooldown for 90 seconds if you are hit while Vaulting.

Text: “Just gotta tough it out Just take that leap and don't let anything stop you.” -Sauto Sakita

Lucky Day:- for every great skill check you do and for every token you gain a random bonus for good skill checks

1 token- 1%-10% good skill bonus

2 tokens 1%-15% Good skill check bonus

3 Tokens 1%-20% Good skill check bonus

4 Tokens 1%-25% good skill check bonus

5 tokens 1%-100% Good Skill Check Bonus

You lose all tokens when you go 15 seconds without working on a generator

Text:”you just need to believe in luck and then a little luck will come to you” -Asami Fitzgerald