{DBD Survivor} Emit Dinkly

{DBD Survivor} Emit Dinkley 

Chapter Name:Cruelty of time

Lore: [N/A]


Timely Deception:- Your connection with the infinite possibilities allow you to bring the scratch marks from another version of you into reality

When Running when you vault a window 5/12/17 meters of your scratch marks starting at the vault will become revered pointing the opposite direction of where you were running

Text: “Events play out in many different ways in another time i went that way” -Emit Dinkley

Fast Forward:- You are in tune with the speed of events and you can control how fast these events play out

When working on a generator for at least 10/7/4 seconds

Wou have the ability to push the 2ndary action button and fast forward the gen progression causing you to repair the gen 8%/11%/14% Faster

But Skill checks will appear 35%/25%/15% more often and faster 

If you fail a skillcheck you will become oblivious for 9 seconds and this perk will have a cooldown of 21 seconds

Text: “time to speed this up this is going too slow!” Ariel Rodgers

Tuning of Time:- When working on a generator for at least 90/70/50 seconds you will gain the ability to make an alarm clock in a locker you can put this alarm clock on a generator 

The generator will now start regressing and that regression will be put into the generator with the most progression at a rate of 5%/9%/12% every second. If the gen with the most progression is kicked the Alarm clock will destroy itself

If a survivor gets on the generator the Alarm clock will stop and start to ring. The alarm clock will destroy itself if a gen its on is worked on for 9 seconds 

Text: “i diagnose that you in fact do not belong here you are useful elsewhere. Come come” -TickTock