so the ai at chat gpt decided to give me some solo killers so here is the first

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Title: Frozen Terrors

Killer: The Mammoth

Backstory: In the frozen tundras of Siberia, a team of scientists discovered the preserved remains of a prehistoric mammoth. They brought the creature back to life through genetic engineering, but their creation soon became a monster that rampaged through their research facility, killing everyone in its path. Now, the Mammoth roams the world, seeking out new victims to add to its frozen collection.

Appearance: The Mammoth is a massive, hulking creature covered in thick, shaggy fur. Its eyes are a piercing blue, and icicles hang from its tusks and back.

Power: Frozen Fury - The Mammoth can create powerful blasts of freezing air that stun survivors and slow their movement speed. Survivors hit by the blast also leave behind icy trails that slow down other survivors who walk over them.

Weapon: Frozen Tusks - The Mammoth uses its massive tusks to impale and gore survivors.


  1. Arctic Rage - Your anger fuels your attacks. Each time you hit a survivor, gain a stack of Arctic Rage, increasing your movement speed and attack cooldown. Maximum of 5 stacks.
  2. Frozen Heart - Survivors who are hit by your Frozen Fury suffer from the Exposed status effect for a short time.
  3. Ice Breaker - Survivors who attempt to vault over a window or pallet while afflicted with the Hindered status effect from your Frozen Fury are immediately put into the Injured state.