Carrie 1976: Chapter Concept

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Killer: The Prom Queen

Name: Carrie White 

Gender: Female 

Nationality: American

TR: 24 meters 

Height: Average 

Weapon: Telekinetic Blades  

Speed: 4.6m/s




Other skins could be what she wore to school

Weapon: Telekinetic Blades. 

The Prom Queen uses her telekinetic powers to control a set of blades, This includes a small paring knife, a kitchen shears, a butcher’s knife and a serrated knife. The Prom Queen uses her psychic powers to fling the blades into survivors to hurt them. Pulls blood off her weapons with her powers. 


Carrie White lived her entire life in a constant state of misery. Being an outcast everywhere she went, she was ridiculed and bullied by her peers from school and was abused horrible by her religious fanatic mother. Little did Carrie know, a special and dangerous power was building up inside her. She tried her best to learn and control it, but the stress of her very existence made it harder and harder. One night, things began to look up for Carrie, being able to go to her prom with a popular boy and was crowned prom queen. That is until it was quickly revealed to be a horrible prank as Carrie was doused in pig’s blood. Something in Carrie snapped, her timid and scared nature melted away into a being of pure rage and resentment. With her powers, she attacked everyone at the prom, killing everyone who had wronged her. She returned home, hoping for comfort from her mother, but was met with a knife instead. Carrie’s power protected her, killing her mother and bringing the house down on them both. Everything was dark… but only for a moment. When Carrie opened her eyes, she found herself in a dark forest. She was in her blood-soaked prom dress again. Besides her were the very blades she used to kill her mother. In the distance, she spotted a campfire near her. She can see people, the faces of her tormentors. Something came over Carrie, the same feeling when she attacked everyone at prom. The knives around her then began to float slowly off the ground.

Power: Psychic Rage

Passive: Torment

The Prom Queen starts the trial with 0 stacks (max 8) of torment, Survivors performing rushed actions, missing skill checks, working on generators, being stunned and blinded within 8 meters of Carrie will give her one stack for her bar. Upon full she gains Psychic SCREAM.

Special Attack: Psychic SCREAM

Max range 12m

Hold the active ability button for three seconds to activate. When holding you are immobile and are unable to perform a basic attack. Once charged you scream letting out a 360 degree wave of energy damaging generators, destroying pallets and incapacitating survivors within the radius. As well as splintering any objects within the range. Also for the next 20 seconds her red stain disappears and her terror radius cuts in half.

  • Generators lose 10 percent progression
  • Survivors are incapacitated for 15 seconds
  • Lockers shake/open/close
  • Destroys dropped pallets

Special Ability: Resentment

start the trial with 20 percent power gauge and every 10 seconds gain 1 percent power gauge.

Start the trial with 0% power gauge. Gain power gauge from the following effects.

  • Survivors hit give 5 percent power gauge.
  • Survivors downed give 10 percent power gauge
  • Being blinded or stunned will give 15 percent power gauge
  • Completed generators give 20 percent power gauge
  • Each generator completed gives a 3 percent power usage reduction.
  • Objects within 8m of a powered generator are amplified.

Special Attack: Telekinetic Rage

A single use is 20 percent power gauge

The Prom Queen can unleash her psychic powers, using the survivor’s surroundings against them.

Shards within 10 meters of the Prom Queen that can be affected by Telekinetic Rage will be highlighted White. Toggle the active ability button to send shards and objects flying towards survivors these objects automatically face the nearest survivor. Survivors hit will suffer from the justice status effect and mangled. Survivors hit again while having justice will lose a health state.

  • Survivors hit grant a stack of torment
  • Justice status effect-Increase the bleeding frequency of survivors, shards of glass are left behind in blood trails and survivors scream when vaulting.
  • Once a shard/object is chosen it takes 2 seconds for it to lock on and be sent, the objects move at 4m/s.
  • Objects within the radius of a completed generator deal a health state of damage but do not inflict justice. Additionally successful hits piece through survivors, survivors hit gain justice and mangled.
  • Alternatively hold the active ability button over an object to charge it with more energy. This consumes an additional 10 percent power gauge but increases the speed of objects to 5m/s



Once all of the generators have been powered this perk activates, one random dull totem is made into a hex.

Survivors open exit gates at a reduced rate of -20%, this increases by a further 10% for each survivor within the radius of 6m of the survivor opening the exit gate.

Once a survivor lets go of opening the exit gate the power in the gate regresses at a rate of 2/2.5/3% per a second.


Go up to a BOON totem to reverse its effects against the survivors. Once changed the BOON will darken into a hex effect making the chosen effects the opposite they were originally.

BOON: CIRCLE OF HEALING- -50% healing penalty within the range of the boon.

BOON: SHADOW STEP- Survivors scratch marks are shown to the killer when the survivor is walking

BOON: EXPONENTIAL-Decrease the recovery speed of downed survivors by 90/95/100%

BOON: DARK THEORY-Survivors receive -2% haste

  • The perk level stats will be what will effect survivors
  • The HEX BOON can be destroyed but destroys the totem,
  • The perk can be reactivated
  • Only one boon can be affected at a time


Approach a dull totem to turn it into a hex. Once active survivors within 16m of the hex will suffer from the oblivious status effect.

Once leaving the range this effect persists for 6/8/10seconds


It would make sense if either Chris or Billy are the survivors. It would be interesting to reverse the roles, having a misunderstood person killing the real monsters.


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    a 155 movement speed killer with a 24 meter terror radius is certainly an interesting design decision

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