What type of classic monster would you like to see as a killer?

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There’s plenty of unique killers in Dead By Daylight but we lack classic characters from horror pop culture, choose what classic horror creature you’d like to see.

What type of classic monster would you like to see as a killer? 28 votes

CorvusCorax86 1 vote
IWasLrft2DieMooksMarc_go_soloSimfelizcliffableChikyFridayNightPizzaHoodedWildKardSpare_Them_Mori_MeCBT137chesnoodleSaltiestChipBoons123gay_human 14 votes
DudelPumaCassiopeiaeWitchOfCraftsaneesReckall 5 votes
Grim Reaper
Jack_Ripper 1 vote
edgargarciabe660JustAShadow09SHARKBOSSAlphaBlitz 4 votes
Creature From The Black Lagoon
tristenbennett381Hi_Im_Chuckyazrael_9_9_9_ 3 votes
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  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
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    I feel like the Grim Reaper might just take the entity? Death isn't really one of those 'I'm gonna control you and make you kill for me' types. At least not for me.

    A werewolf though? Oh HELL yes...

  • Mooks
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    Werewolf and Poltergeist would be interesting. I guess Vampire as well though the whole blood thing already is covered by Oni?

    creature from the black lagoon is pretty much that one Hag cosmetic and I think Wraith (and Kate lol) already got Scarecrow cosmetics?

    i don’t know if it would fit with the others, but a Banshee would also be cool?

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  • Smoe
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    I think the closest we'll ever get to these classic monsters are through inspired halloween cosmetics for existing killers, Doctor has Frankenstein and Hag has the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    I don't think we'll ever actually see any of these monsters as their own characters in general and if we do, then it's not gonna be the classic version most people are familiar with, it's gonna be bhvr's own version.

  • Hi_Im_Chucky
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    It’s Frankenstein’s Monster, I thought this was hammered home to the public by now. Frankenstein was the Mad Scientist who created the Monster.

    My vote was for Scarecrow, I kind of equate The Artist as the closest thing I’ll get though~

    I even created my version of the Scarecrow Killer and shared it. Damn shame they don’t create classic Killers Icons.

  • HoodedWildKard
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    I mean we have a scarecow skin for hillbilly anyway. Tbh I'd love to see a werewolf killer. Maybe with 2 forms, perhaps a mechanic similar to Oni's.

    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 695

    demon skin could work for killers and angel skin for survivors

  • Simfeliz
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    I wanted to vote for all of them but since werewolves are my fav out of all mythological creatures, I'll go with that.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    Werewolf, although the Mummy is a close second.

  • WitchOfCraft
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    I'm just imagining a vampire killer like Myers. Their ability can grab you and bite you so they can level up their power. (Also the bite makes you lose a health state). Their power when it's fully leveled they can call on their friends (bats) to see where survivors are if they have a bite. (It would take multiple bites for it to be leveled up). You also have 20 secs to activate their power. There are also chest with an anti-bite serum to get rid of your bite when the killer activiates their power. The picture of when you have a bite mark are fangs around your character portrait. If you get bit a second time when you didn't get the serum you become gain the deep wound or exhausted status effect. Their weapon would be something like a cross, I don't really know (Maybe they do something ironic and they hold a wooden stake or garlic). (If you are worried about the sun they are in the Entity's realm so the sun is fake so that means the UV rays are also fake so they can do anything).

    Perks -

    Perk #1 - Vampire's Curse

    If a generator reaches 50% the generator is blocked and it's aura is revealed in white. This perk has a 60 sec cooldown.

    Perk #2 - Hex: I Cross My Heart

    You gain tokens whenever you damage a generator. The tokens stack up to 12. When a survivor stuns/blinds the killer the survivor wil get put into the exhausted status effect. When this activates you lose 3 tokens. The exhausted status effect last for 15/20/25 secs.

    Perk #3 - Decay and Rot

    Whenever a survivor is hooked all survivors that are on a generator scream and that generator starts regressing at 10/15/20% of its normal speed. (This counts as damaging a generator).

    Lore -

    There was a girl in the 16th century (NOT MAKING HER DRACULA) in Romania her name was Antonia. She grew up in a castle because her father and mother had passed away so her uncle, Count or Duke Gabriel took her in. He was in the politcal power of Romania but he was also wicked. He made trained Antonia to fight so she could take down people who he wanted to get rid of. He also trained her to be stealthy and stalk people to figure out who was close to them. She took down many political powers in Romania. Her job was completed. She wasn't needed anymore. Count or Duke Gabriel threw her out and put her in the dungeon to rot. What neither of them knew was that there was vampire bats that had been mutated. Antonia was bitten all over her body until she turned into the world's first vampire. With her immense strengh and agility she was able to escape the dungeon and murder her uncle. The Entiny knew how much she hated him so the Entity made her see him walking. She followed him without remorse to murder him again. When he reached a dead end the Entity got rid of the illusion and she was sucked up into the Entity's realm. REASON UNKNOWN

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  • WitchOfCraft
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    I'm sad I made a comment that was detailed about the perks and lore of a vampire killer including their power. Now it didn't save and it's gone.

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