A "Scream" based Chapter

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When Ghostface was revealed, I was very happy, since Scream is one of (if not) my favorite horror moives. But I was also dissapointed because he was not adapted from the movies. Since then, I often wondered what if BHVR could pull of an original chapter, based of Scream (like they did with Hillbilly before Bubba of Spirit before Onryo) Since then, i crafted my own idea of a Scream based original chapter and I wanted to share with you my idea:

Chapter Name: A Stranger Calls

New Map: Party House, Brookfield: A massive mansion in the middle of nowhere. The house is owned by the Mayor of Brookfield and is a place where his daughter thorws the biggest parties in town.

New Killer: The Caller: A prankster killer, who uses phones to locate and scare his victims and make them terrified to the point where they are easy to catch

Killers Power: Stalker's Ringtone:

  • Up to 7 telephones spawn in the map. Every telephone is near to a Generator. Hold the Power Button to lift up your own phone and be able to select a spawned phone (like the Dredge can select lockers). Tap the Attack Button to make a call on the selected phone. The ringtone has a radius of 16 meters and lasts for 10 seconds. Every survivor who hears the ringtone, will build up they Scared meter and they will be revealed to us with Killer Instinct . The meter will not decay after leaving the ringtone area. The meter gain 1 charge/sec. After 5 charges, the survivors gain the Scared effect. After another 5 chagres, they gain the Terrified effect. After a telephone finished ringing, we cannot use it for 40 s.
  • Scared/Terrified: A Scared survivor will hear a faint heartbeat all the time and periodically will hear a false ringtone. Also, they can't fast vault things. Terrified survivors will gain the incapacitated status effect and will scream every 15-25 seconds, revealing they location to you for 3 seconds each time. A surivor can cleanse this effect 2 ways: by picking up a ringing phone, or by the Assuagment action
  • Pick Up Phone: A survivor who picks up a ringing phone, will be cleansed of the Scared effect, but will gain the Exposed status for 60 seconds and they will be revealed to us by Killer Instinc for 5 seconds. A phone, used by a Survivor cannot be used again by us for 80 s
  • Assuagment: A non scared survivor can assuge the fright of a scared survivor (like the wake up action with Freddy) this will cleanse the Scared effect. A Terrified survivor however, can only be cleansed by hiding in a locker for 8 uninterrupted seconds
  • Killer' Special Power: Sneaking: By going to a Locker and tapping the Space Bar, we can hide in the locker. If we hide for 5 seconds and exit the locker, we gain the Undetecable Status effect for 30 sec. If we hide in a locker for 10 seconds, we gain the effect for 60 seconds. The effect duration caps of at 60 seconds. If the duration ends, we cannot hide in a locker for 20 seconds

Killer's Perks:

  • Unheard: Each time a generator is finished, your Terror Radius will shrink by 2/4/6 meters
  • Obsessive Anger: You became obsessed with one survivor. If the obsession escape a chase, heal up or finish a generator, you gain a token up to 5. Each token increase you action speed by 2/4/6% . If you hit the obsession, you will lose a token
  • Hex: Third Act: When there is one generator left, the perk activates. You see every survivor's aura for 7 seconds and they gain the Oblivious effect for 20/25/30 seconds. When the exit gates are powered, the suvivors cannot see they location.

New Surivor: Riley Foster: A strong willed survivor, Riley may seem as the party obsessed rich girl, but her lolyality lies nowhere else but with her friends

Riley"s Perks:

  • Strong Bond: When another surivor comes to your 6/8/10 meter range, you gain a token up to 3. When you are grouped up and the killer starts to chase someone form the group, every survivor starts to sprint in a 150% speed for 2 seconds. Each token expands the duration of the sprint by 1 second
  • Delusive Act: While in a chase, press the active ability button, to make your scratch marks diverge from you, for 3 seconds. This perk has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds
  • Party Drugs: Press the active ability button, when you are healthy. You drink a substance that makes your action speed faster by 4/8/12% and your movement speed by 5% for 30 seconds. After the duration ends, you become injured. You can only use this Perks once in a Trial