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I'm manly taking aspects from the skull merchant and slightly improving upon it making an exciting game play experience for both survivors and the killer. BHVR wouldn't need to do that much work either they just need to duplicate the model of Steve. I also love secondary objective killers as it actually gives survivors something else to do other than doing gens all day long.




LORE/BACKSTORY: Watch the film spree


At the start of the trial THE STREAMER is given 7 cameras, 4 cameras are already placed around the trial. THE STREAMER can pick up and place these cameras almost anywhere within his reach.


Toggle the active ability button to start to hold one of your cameras, when you are close enough and another prompt appears on the screen you can attach a camera to that surface. Alternatively you can hold the toggle to place a camera where you are standing.


Toggle the active ability button to hold your phone, toggle again to remove it. Once in your hand look at any camera in the trial to make it turn on/livestream. Cameras stay on for 40s and once turned off cant be turned on again for 10s.


You start the trial with the following bar. Starting from 0 to 100. Following declines if you perform none of the actions in approximately 25s, decays at a rate of one following every 5 seconds.

Actions you perform in front of the cameras you have placed generate a following actions which contribute are.

Survivors can destroy cameras but this takes a substantial amount of time, destroying a camera gives 5 following. It returns a camera back into THE STREAMERS inventory

  • Hitting survivors-grants 5 following
  • Downing survivors-10 following
  • Breaking pallets-1 following
  • Snuffing totems-1 following
  • Chasing survivors-1 following every 10 seconds
  • Breaking generators-1 following

Upon reaching specific amounts of following THE STREAMERS abilities are enhanced drastically.

25 following-Gives the ability to check the viewing on each camera while having the phone out, to do this look at a camera and toggle to look through it while doing this you will be immobile. After exiting invoke a 60s cool down

50 following-Survivors hit in the viewing of a camera can't vault windows for 8s

75 following-Camera auras become more visible to the point you can see them completely, cameras will start moving from left to right continuously, cameras will track a survivor in viewing range.

100 following-Survivors who have reached the first hook stage can be moried. To perform this THE STREAMER must take a survivor within 3m of a camera. One within 3m the auras of both the killer and survivor will be revealed. The action to kill the survivor takes 5s, the survivor can be saved in the first 4s of the animation by either destroying the camera or blinding the killer, stunning him for 3s. Doing this will inflict exposed on the rescuer for 30s additionally the rescuer's aura will be revealed when within range of a camera, this effect lasts also for 30s. If the animation is successful a mori cut scene will begin once the survivor has died destroy the camera and set the following meter back to 50. THE STREAMER will gain 5% haste for 10s after the kill has been made.

Not sure what else i could add for balance maybe an audio cue for reaching 100 following.

I hope you like the produced concept, I think its far better than THE SKULL MERCHANT. The cameras are like the drones but in this concept they can't be used for simple zoning placement which is very boring game play. Lets hope chapter 28 is licensed.