Dwight has been longer on the Entity's Realm than Vittorio

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So, in the newest tome, Betrayal, they go through Vittorio's journey as he travels across realms until eventually he reaches the entity for the first time when he is assumed to go through a hatch that leads to a trial. The thing is, when he's inside the trial he finds Dwight on a hook, meaning Dwight had to have been on the Entity's Realm before him for this to logically make sense. Flavor text on one of his perks states that he's been wandering the Entity's Realm for at least centuries. I know the Entity is above time and space and can grab survivors and killers from many time periods and go back and forth as it pleases when it comes to grabbing them, but since Vittorio's perks state that he's been for at least centuries there, wouldn't that logically make Dwight at the very least also have been on the Entity's Realm for centuries, presumably for even a longer period of time than Vittorio?


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    Not exactly. Dwight has been in the Trials longer than Vittorio, thats for sure. But Vittorio seems to have been wandering Lost Realms/The Fog for a while. Of course, The Entity doesn't really seem to care about all that human stuff like linear time so maybe it took Dwight first and then timetraveled back to grab Vittorio.

    and then of course there is the Infinite Survivors thing....

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    One question that's been on my mind since Vittorio's introduction has been "Is time linear in the Entity's realm?" Could it could that, even though characters like Plague, Twins, Knight, and Vittorio are all from medieval eras or earlier, they actually haven't been there as long as folks like Trapper, Dwight, and so on.

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    It's possible the concept of time doesn't exist. People may have been in there hours, yet felt like years and vice versa.

    Also, the multiverse idea of many worlds being affected could mean that Dwight's world had been around much earlier than Vittorio's world, so at the time humanity had evolved up to Dwightism, yet on another world they had barely made it to the middle ages.