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Killer: The Thalassa (i.e. Racheal Smith)

Chapter Name: Dived Too Deep

Weapon: a Cortal CoveredHarpoon

Map: The Midnight Zone Explorer

Lore: It was only supposed to be a month in this undersea base. This mission was only supposed to take a month to finish. Go down, collect some samples from some undersea caves that were unexplored and then immediately come back up, collect a paycheck and go home. 

She was stationed on a Ship. Called The Midnight Zone Explorer or called The S.S. Hadalpelagic after the deepest zone in existence, the trenches. That's all that was supposed to happen for Rachel Smith and the crew that she had been teamed up with. 

Rachel was a Navy SEAL she was a hardened woman with a no joke and no dilly dally attitude she's been used to being on the sea for many years she had learned how to take orders and how to understand missions and efficiency 

The mission was originally just supposed to be one month.

But one month turned into one month and a week

One month ann a week turned into two months

2 months turned into 4 months.

And that turned into an entirely Unaccounted for year, 12 endless months of Constant missions into the depths of the seafloor Rachel could tell that they were looking for something. This wasn't just looking into a few unexplored under sea caves. They were looking for something specific.

Due to Rachel's reputation as a Navy SEAL she had gotten into the captain's quarters becoming the right hand woman of Samantha Quinn, another woman with the same hardened attitude. Also a former friend that had distanced from Rachel with time.

But she was very stubborn when giving information but Rachel wasn't stupid she knew that they were looking for something. As for her other crewmates she mostly avoided them. She only stuck around Samantha because they had a familiarity between each other. The only other person that she obligated herself to interact with was her roommate which she was forced to see everyday, her roommates Janine. She was a spunky young girl with a can do attitude and a smile on her face Rachel found it childish you took such Glee in these rudimentary missions.

Rachel was The co-captain of the ship The only thing that she was not permitted to do was see the missions that were sent to them directly, Samantha mostly told her details about what the mission specifically were about but there were things that she hid from Rachel.

They were onto something else entirely. The people that were guiding their missions had found something extraordinary. An undersea trench that was deeper and deeper as the mission carried on. Their missions wouldn’t stop until this trench was reached. Due to the seemingly unique signals coming from it. It could be a huge breakthrough.

But Rachel knew that This wasn't some kind of mystery they were trying to solve. They had at least had some vague idea of what they were looking for. This wasn't an episode of Scooby-Doo They knew what they were sending them into.

But as the days went on the crew became more weary of it. As if their submarine was riding closer and closer into The jaws of a beast.

Something horrible was bound to happen. 

"Go deeper they said" Samantha recited to Rachel in her normal strict attitude. Rachel flips the switches on the ship's controls. "Why do they continue to ask us to go deeper? We are not finding anything" Samantha walks over to the captain's controls and flips a switch down causing the propellers on the ship to power on "I've told you this many times You need to stop asking questions." Rachel furrows her brow and looks at Samantha "there's something you're not telling us something that you're keeping us in the dark about I don't respect being put on a mission without every single detail!" 

Rachel says flipping another switch. "Answer me Sam!" Samantha sighs "If you must know we've gotten an anonymous tip." Rachel turns in her seat as she looks at Samantha. "An anonymous tip like an outside source is telling mission control something is down here?" Samantha sighs as she looks at Rachel "Yes, The tip says that there's something else entirely down here That will be a scientific discovery of the century". Rachel sighs and scoffs so she starts typing on the computer "The scientific discovery of the century What are they bored now Are they just trying to think of reasons to keep us down here." But when she looks at the computer she feels a hand going to her shoulder.

"You ask more questions than you should but I do agree with you" Samantha says looking at Rachel. Rachel lets off a scoff chuckle "Yeah yeah I get it They might as well off me for asking questions" Samantha hits Rachel upside the head. "Now don't give them ideas they're always listening you know" Samantha puts her hands around the wheel and starts steering the ship. Rachel's laughs quietly "we've been down here for almost a year. you know you'd think that you'd become a little bit more soft on your crew" Rachel says with a laugh acknowledging how ironic that statement is. 

Samantha intern snaps back "Oh and you are the beacon of being soft on them I see how you treat Jack, Elizabeth, and your roommate Janine specifically! You're not exactly a beacon of kindness. I would argue that my hardened attitude is much better than how much of an unrelenting ######### you've been" 

Rachel laughs, surprised by how vicious the remark was. "What about you? I've been friendly to you havent I?" Samantha looks at Rachel and smirks "That's because I could throw you overboard if I'm given the orders to". Rachel leans onto The dashboard in front of her "I'd like to see you try I wouldn't go down without a fight" Samantha looks at Rachel smiling "And I would enjoy every second of fighting you into that moon pool with no suit on". 

Rachel leans back and sticks her tongue out. "Well if you want to fight me why don't we square up now." Samantha rolls her eyes as she looks forward "I have a ship to steer." As Rachel rolls her eyes and leans forward tuning the controls of the ship "Yeah yeah steer us deeper into the blackened abyss for a 'scientific discovery of the century." Samantha sighs as she looks at Rachel "How about I call Elizabeth up here so you can go and get some rest" Rachel sits up "and let you have all the fun being here steering the ship hell no!" Samantha puts her hand up "That's not a request It's an order Go get some rest I'll page Elizabeth and tell her to come up here" Rachel stands up with a huff "If you're so eager to get rid of me why don't you just say it!" Samantha laughs quietly "I'm just getting you out of here before we both do something that we'll regret". Rachel leans on Samantha "I don't think I'd regret it".

 Samantha pushes Rachel off "That is unprofessional Miss Smith Now please leave the control room so I can get Elizabeth into here." Rachel scoffs that she leaves the room "unprofessional Pffft….. Well she never said I have to get some rest by going to bed maybe I rest by doing other work" Rachel neanders into the different rooms she goes to the cafeteria and gets a donut, bagel, and muffin and starts munching on them as she goes to the different rooms. She enters the greenhouse and taps the oxygen tanks "It seems that the trees are producing enough oxygen to sustain us for another 2 years"

Then she turns around and jumps, As another crewmate jumps back as well "AH! I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you" the stranger said. Rachel pants as she looks "Trenton you scared the hell out of me How did you get in here without making any noise!" Trenton puts down a box "Elizabeth recently made it so the sliding doors weren't as loud while opening." Rachel sighs annoyed as she looks at Trenton "anything interesting happens here in the greenhouse?" Trentan shrugs "nothing of note. I did notice that the moon pool was opened earlier" Rachel clenches her fist "It was! Damn it, Elizabeth must have left it open again" Rachel storms out of the room as Trenton waves quietly "eh…bye?" 

Quickly Rachel storms into the moon pool as she goes to pull the lever to close it but then she sees two oxygen tubes going down to the watery surface of the moon pool "caught you you little sneaks…" as she leans against the wall in the corner of the moon pool room

Janine breaches the moon pool as she looked around "Samantha hasn't caught us yet I guess we got off lucky" 

As they both look around they look forward and see the familiar face of Rachel "What are you two doing here I don't believe Samantha gave you two permission to be diving" Rachel said we'll snarl at her fellow crewmates. Janine let out a sigh of defeat as Jack groaned "Come on Like we were totally just observing if the ship was going down correctly you know" 

Rachel furrowed her eyebrow and looked at Janine "I'm disappointed that you went behind Samantha's back to do this. Do not know how unsafe it is to be diving at this time the ship is moving down. You could have gotten yourselves killed." Janine sighs as she looks at Rachel "I'm sorry but we just wanted to see what was out there, We wanted to see if We could see exactly what we're diving for. The orders are so strict and weird What else is there to go down for" 

Rachel sighs "We just need to follow orders there's no need to question things You're just a diver, You're not someone who's meant to question their job" Janine holds her chest genuinely hurt. But that hurt turns to frustration as she pokes Rachel's chest "I may be a bit of an airhead and I may like to go with the flow but that doesn't mean I want to go into things blindly. You're one to talk. You're always questioning "Why are we even here?"" Rachel steps back surprised at her roommate's aggression. She's Not used to seeing Janine acting like this but she returns back to her stern demeanor "I will not tell Samantha about your disobedience Just please go back to your room you two.” Janine sighs quietly as she walks over to the lever beside the door of the moon pool.

Janine Grabs onto a lever located beside the door and pulls it as some metal shutters start closing down the moon pool As a voice in the intercom says "moon pool closed" Janine's looks down disappointed as she looks at her wrist and clicks on the device "I closed the moon pool Samantha" The communicator went to static for a moment but then it came back online "Good job, I don't know why it took you so long. but get back to your room and get some rest we're going to have a long day tomorrow" 

Janine nods as she looks at Jack "get some rest you. you need to keep that award-winning smile energized up" Jack laughs as he humoredly walks away "gatch ya. and good night Captain buzzkill” Jack says as he bumps into Rachel while walking out of the moon pool. Janine looks at Rachel as she tilts her head "Come on Rachel We have to get some sleep tomorrow's going to be a big day" Rachel looks at Janine "I have to do a few more routine checkups so get some rest."

Rachel watches as Janine leaves the room and she looks into the surface of the moon pool. "She seemed a bit shaken up. That childish buffoon doesn't get scared by anything….." Rachel walks over to the lever beside the door and flips it up, opening the moon pool back up. "I can't believe I'm doing this she's going to be pissed at me but maybe my smile can put her in a better mood" Rachel starts putting on one of the diving suits as she dips her legs into the moon pool and then she throws her body into it. And then she floats there and the dark and abyss.

She floats there for a few seconds

A few minutes

It feels like it's been an hour as she can visibly see that the ship has lowered deeper. "What did I expect to find down here, stupid…." And then she hears a deep guttering growl happening in the distance of the sea.”That's impossible. No noise should be down here. All animals down here are either microscopic or silent predators." Rachel looks at the moon pool and then she turns around and she can hear it again but closer to the deep guttering growl happening in the distance and then she hears a speech talking to her in an unintelligible language. Rachel clenches her head being overwhelmed by the unconceivable speech "What the? What is this?!". She clenches her head and then tightly closes her eyes seeing symbols and things flashing through her mind "Wait you're what we're looking for…?.... You know why we're here?... You want me ….and….?!" 

Rachel could feel her mind racing. It was becoming clouded by the millions of thoughts racing through her head. Then silence has Rachel floating there for a moment. She starts swimming back to the moon pool using the tube connecting her to the ship as something to pull herself back as she felt weak and she was unable to swim. Whenever she got through the surface of the moon pool she just laid there at the base of the moon pool until 3 hours later she was discovered by Samantha. "RACHEL WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, JANINE TOLD ME THAT SHE CLOSED THE MOON POOL!" 

Samantha yelled as she pulled the semi-conscious Rachel out of the moon pool fully and threw the pool switch back down, closing it. "I saw it…." Rachel murmured. Samantha looked at Rachel confused "What are you talking about?" Rachel sat up "I saw it, The reason that we're down here the reason we were sent down here…..it spoke to me…." Samantha looked at her co-captain concerned as she twisted her helmet around and lifted it off her head "Rachel I just think that you're very stressed You need to rest please" 

Rachel looks at Samantha more insistent this time "I'm not lying! I saw it! The reason that we're down here….. It spoke to me. It puts things into my head. I saw things like a fog, a campfire , a generator?!". Samantha's concern intensified as she lifted Rachel up "Come on you'll be resting in my room so I can make sure that you recover. Maybe your oxygen tube wasn't fully connected to your suit?" Samantha guided Rachel out of the moon pool as Rachel continued to murmur about the things she saw As Samantha brought her mentally drained co-captain to her room

Rachel didn't sleep at all Samantha eventually did fall asleep but Rachel laid there awake staring at the ceiling thinking about the millions of images of the voice, the void it gave her the reason they were here. With a Swift and determined movement Rachel stood up and quickly ventured out of the room quietly leaving the door not making any noise on the way out. 

She ventured into the weapons room and detached one of the harpoons from the wall. Not bothering to take a gun with her she wouldn't need it. First she ventured into the greenhouse and stabbed the oxygen tanks with the harpoon and they let out a loud hissing sound as the excess oxygen escaped to the canisters. Behind her she could hear someone "Rachel what are you doing?!" Trenton yelled "Those canisters are connected to a filter that makes it so the oxygen that we're breathing isn't too heavy!!!" Rachel turned around and quickly rushed towards Trenton.

Shoving the harpoon into the base of his neck. Trenton, surprised and caught off by the quick movements, didn't have enough time to react. Rachel looked at the harpoon and spun it in her hand once throwing it to the other hand then back to her dominance hand. Rachel visited the room of each of the crewmates. Jack, Elizabeth, and every other crewmate there killed them while murmuring about the voices of destiny…Who this void creature wanted. Rachel then ventured towards the elevator and started stabbing it with the harpoon stabbing into the console of the elevator's keys causing it to spark and spitter. As Rachel was doing this she could hear the sound of footsteps walking up behind her 

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Janine cried out making her presents known as Rachel slowly turned around blood coating her diving suit and face as the harpoon was dripping red crimson. "Rachel what did you do? Where's Samantha? Where's Jack…..?" Janine started to step back as Rachel stepped forward and began to speak "It spoke to me It told me about inconceivable things……. It wants me and it also wants you." Janine walked back "What are you talking about?! What wants me? What do you want? Why are you doing this?!" 

Quickly Janine turned around as she started running quickly she could hear the sound of Rachel's footsteps following her quickly behind. Jeanine quickly ran down the stairwell trying her best to keep up a quick pace. Janine got to the bottom floor of the submarine and started running to the moonpool. When she was grabbed by the back of her hair by Rachel. "RACHEL LET GO OF ME!" Janine screams while kicking and flailing at her crew mate. Rachel held the harpoon up getting ready to bring it down onto Janine's stomach. 

But before Rachel could bring the harpoon down suddenly Janine saw Rachel convulse as electricity courses through her body As Samantha has stabbed a stun rod into her back "JANINE RUN!!" Samantha yelled as she locked her arm around Rachel's neck and tossed her over her shoulder. Janine booked it and she looked behind her and saw Rachel smacking Samantha with a blunt end of the harpoon, concentrating back on Janine. Janine ran to the moon pool and closed the door behind her. 

Rachel ran to the door of the moon pool and started banging on it yelling "WE HAVE A PURPOSE TO FULFILL!" Rachel yelled while typing in the code to get into the moon pool multiple times, her shaking hands causing her to mess it up, and the blood coating the keypad causing it to not be able to register what button she was pressing. "IT WANTS ME IT WANTS YOU! YOU CAN'T RUN FROM THIS!!" Rachel continuously types in the code getting more and more frustrated each time and so the code is finally accepted. Rachel quickly bursts through the doorway and sees the moon pool being dived into "JANINE!!!!"

Rachel roared as she started putting on her diving suit. The intense mumbling of The creature from the void whispering in her head more inconceivable things "I'll get her….I'll take her to you…. I'll be there!" When Rachel finally got the dive suit on she quickly dove into the moon pool being surrounded by the blackened abyss and her feet meeting solid ground of the sea floor.

"We made it. We are at the bottom. They told us to go deeper and we went as deep as we could go" Rachel murmurd as she looked forward and saw an undersea cave. Despite the pitch blackness of The water she saw a cream colored glow coming from deep in the cave. And in that dim light she saw the sight of a dive suit walking towards the cave "You won't get away from me! We must fulfill our purpose…." Rachel ventured towards the cave as fast as she could. Whenever she finally got to the cave It was thick and milky. Not exactly muddy, it was white as if there was a fog under the water.

Rachel, not deterred by the dense water, walked forward knowing that there's only one direction for Janine to go…. forward. as Rachel walked forward The milkiness of the water completely consumed her. Causing her to disappear from the cave. 

Power: "Crush Depth."  A Layer of Deceptively Shallow Water Covers the Trial Grounds. While above grounds the Thalassa has 7 tokens and can use the Primary Action Button to Control the depth of the water in an Area of 25 Meters and Make it Deeper separated into 3 stages

Shallow: Causes survivors to Splash while running

Deep: Slows Survivors down and Hinders their Movements by 20%

Abyssal:The survivor will fall into the pool and have to swim out of the pool by Wiggling out of it. But the Thalassa can dive down and pull the survivor down into the pool and instantly carry them on her arm.

When walking over Deep water the Thalassa is able to Dive down into the water below the map, moving much faster than survivors. Survivors will see a faint Teal Glow below the water when the Thalassa is traveling nearby. 

While underwater The Thalassa can see the footprints of any survivors that have walked around in the water you can use the 2ndary action button to Emerge from the water taking 4 seconds if a survivor is caught in your Surfacing Splash they will become incapacitated. The Pool your emerged room will be the Maximum Deepness a Pool can be

Depth Module: Survivors will all be Equipped with a depth Modulethat Will tell them how deep the water their walking over is (the module will show the depth of their water with their survivor hud icon Shallow, Deep, Abyssal) 

  • Animations:
  • Pallet Break- The Thalassa will Stab the harpoon into the Pallet and kick it once
  • Wall break- The Thalassa will shoulder bash the Wall
  • Pallet Stun- The Thalassa will put its arms over its face and stomp as it goes back to normal
  • Damage Generators- The Thalassa will kick and punch the generator
  • Vaulting- The Thalassa will jump putting both its feet on the vault then jump onto the other side
  • Cleaning weapon: spins the harpoon in one hand then throws it to another hand flick it and then throws it back 


A Roar from the deep:- you’ve grown obsessed with 1 survivor when they dove into the water's surface a beast Awoken and their crew will never see it coming

You start the trail with 1/3/5 tokens with a max of 7 Tokens. When a survivor isn't looking in your direction, you are rendered undetectable. When a survivor looks at you for at least 2 seconds you lose a token and lose the undetectable Status effect. But if they look away for at least 2 seconds and you still have tokens you gain the undetectable Status effect they must wait 6 seconds to remove another token though

You gain tokens when hitting survivors while undetectable

The Obsession is not Affected by Roar from the deep but they are also unable to reveal you or remove tokens from you

[(Hooked survivors are unable to reveal you or remove tokens)]


Thalassophobia- You and obsession have a link with each other and that link grows stronger the longer you and obsession play cat and mouse

You gain a token for every time the obsession is healed or Escapes a 9 second Chase. For each token you and obsession gain a boost

1 token: You gain 8% cleaning speed and the Obsession gains a 8% decay of negative status effects

3 Tokens: you gain a 15% extra Gen reduction upon kicking a gen and the Obsession gains a 15%  quicker Vault speed

5 Tokens: You gain a 20% speed boost when entering a chase. And the obsession gains a 20% Boost when Escaping a chase

7 Tokens: You and Obsession have your auras revealed to each other for the remainder of the Trial

If the obsession escapes all survivors remaining in the Trail can be killed by your hand

[The Tokens become Locked if the obsession is Killed]

Scuttling - As you and the survivors Dive deeper into the Trial the Pressure Rises. 

Every time you kick a generator that is Over 50% you Gain a token with a max of 12/9/6 tokens. When you gain 12/9/6 tokens 3 generators of the highest percentage. will Explode and start regressing at 200% of the normal rate and they will have 30/40/50 charges added to them till completion.

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