Wishmaster chapter

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    It has lots of potential i have to say. But the killer desperately needs more added to his base kit. The killer wishes just shouldn't exist tbh there to over powered, as for the survivor wishes they are unbalanced to. Why would a survivor wish for a chest to be opened when they can instantly complete 3 gens.

    The idea as i said before has a lot of potential, I love secondary objective killers they add more game play mechanics for survivors to do in a trial. But to improve I would just straight out remove all the current killer wishes and survivor wishes and also the effect when survivors use a wish it gives him a token.

    Plus an idea to further give you some support if you wish to rework this chapter why not have an effect like in the film when a survivors wish for something it can negatively affect everyone around them. Such as you wish for 100 percent extra healing speed but in the trial it removes 100 percent healing speed from a random survivor.