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Killer concept: The Carpenter

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Power: Safety measures.

You start the trial with wooden planks and nail allowing you to barricade 4 windows and 4 pallets.

Barricaded windows or pallets cannot be used by survivors until the survivors remove those barricades by performing a action.

The Carpenter can recover more planks and nails from broken walls, pallets or broken barricades to be able to barricade different windows/pallets.

Safety measures takes 4 seconds to barricade a window or pallet.

Barricaded windows and pallets are visible by a white aura.



You want to rush things to get home sooner at the risk of causing injuries.

When breaking a pallet Overtime gains a token.

For each token Overtime increases your generator, pallets/wall breaking action speed by 6-7-8%

Overtime have 4 tokens maximum.

Lose all tokens when stunned by any means and has a 10 seconds cooldown.

I can be a Hypocrite sometimes...."The Carpenter"

Slow it down.

Things done too fast will always mess up the products quality.

When getting within 16 meters of a generator being repaired by a survivor(s) Slow it down activates.

When the survivor(s) let go the generator while Slow it down is active they get a very difficult skill check, failing it cause the generator to explode and lose 3-4-5% total progression and starts regressing.

I've seen too many smart asses think they can do things better and faster, it always ended badly..."The Carpenter"

Just a scratch.

you've seen people ignore a injury until it became a bigger problem than it was....

Injuring a survivor with your basic attack activates Just a scratch effect on the survivor(s)

Survivors injured by a basic attack will suffer from incapacitated status effect for 5-6-7 seconds every 20 seconds, Just a scratch takes effect 30 seconds after the survivor got injured by a basic attack.

The 20 seconds delay start after incapacitated finished.

Just a scratch effect is removed once healed

You should get it checked out before it gets worse...it doesn't look good.."The Carpenter"


They could have plenty of effects, 1-2 increasing the speed at which you can barricade, some revealing auras when the surivor breaks the barricades or building itself up, status effect when removing them or can still be used but injures them instead, there's lots of possibility.


Could be all about a honest worker constantly talking about safety measures at work not being respected and seeing his co-workers getting injured or himself getting injured by their incapacity at fixing issues and risks that could easily be avoided until he snaps and causes accidents by taking away the little safety they have, caused bad injuries or even death to some coworkers until he became addicted to it and pretending to be cautious and caring about the safety but in fact cause those accidents until he gets caught and decide to jump off from the building he's working on to not go to jail but the entity swallows him into it's fog while falling down.

Thanks for reading.

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