Original Chapter Idea: Approaching Storm

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The Raijin

Disclaimer: I don’t know if the abilities or perks are balanced, but hopefully the idea behind what they do comes across clearly. Feedback to help balance is appreciated.


Raijin is a part of the Yamaoka family. He is a samurai that uses the power of storms.


All maps automatically start with a constant thunderstorm. Outdoor maps have rain and thunder. Indoor maps only have the auditory rain and thunder. I don’t think this should be a big part of the kit, but something that gives a cool atmosphere and fits the theme.

Possible Map:

Indoor Yamaoka map (Temple?) with a constant thunderstorm outside regardless of what killer is playing on it. Thunderstorm is not very loud so you can still hear Mike breathing.

Strike Point ability:

Once a generator is completed the killer gains a token (up to 5), this energizes the killer and gives him the ability to teleport once. The killer takes out a scroll that is an overhead blueprint of the map. You cannot see survivors or hooks on the map, only the layout of the map and you can tab between the different floors. The Raijin can select anywhere on the overhead map which causes lightning to slowly build on the ground at that location followed by a big lightning strike and loud thunder as he teleports to that location and walks out of the lightning strike. The build up would visually warn survivors of where he is teleporting and the loud thunder and lightning strike would notify survivors far away of where he has teleported (thunder noise is significantly louder than the passive thunder happening from the storm).

Conductive Slash ability:

The Raijin’s main ability starts uncharged, when the ability is in this state it is a stream of electricity he can shoot from his fingers. It is a ranged ability up to 10m that is constant as long as he is using it and can chain between survivors that are within 5m of each other, but he moves slower. Once he has connected the stream of electricity to survivors for long enough, he gets a fully charged version of the ability. Instead of a stream of electricity, the fully charged version instantly shoots a single jolt of electricity up to 15m in front of him (deathslinger’s redeemer shot hitbox). If it connects with a survivor, that survivor is stunned as the Raijin automatically dashes to them and slashes with his katana for 1 health state (longer weapon hit recovery animation). If it misses and hits a wall, the Raijin still dashes to the wall (shorter recovery animation). If the survivor is in a locker and the jolt hits the locker, Raijin dashes to the locker and grabs the survivor out of it. After shooting the jolt of lightning there is audible thunder while dashing. The dash can go through walls or up to a ledge as long as he connects the jolt of electricity to a survivor or a wall. The charged ability has 2 uses, once used the ability becomes uncharged. Both uncharged and charged versions of this ability require line of sight.

Possible add-ons: 

-Survivors scream within 20m of teleport

-Teleport has a 10m radius around it that gives 10% automatic charge towards the Raijin’s main ability per meter from the outer ring inwards. Example: survivor is 7m away from the teleports center, gaining 30% instant charge to ability.

-Raijin can shoot his uncharged ability to a generator pole from 20m which would build charge if anyone is repairing that generator.

-Charged version of Conductive Slash can also chain between multiple survivors within 5m of each other. If it connects all survivors in the chain are stunned while he teleports to each of them one by one and hits them all for 1 health state with his katana.

Killer Perks:

-Forecast: After kicking a generator, the aura of that gen becomes white. Once a different gen is kicked the previous gen is covered by the entity for 20/25/30 seconds. After the gen is uncovered, the ability is back and the gen loses its aura.

-Hook Echo: After hooking a survivor, any survivor within 20/25/30 meters of the hook screams.

-Towering Cumulus: Gain a token for every survivor you hook that is different from the previous survivor hooked up to 8 tokens. Each token afflicts Survivors with a stack-able 3/4/5% Action Speed penalty to Repairing. If you hook the same survivor in a row, you lose 4 tokens.

Survivor Perks:

-Sacrificial Bones: After cleansing a totem, the next totem that you bless increases that boon's range by 16/20/24m. (If killer snuffs out boon, you have to cleanse another totem to get the effect again).

-Boon: Fog light: When the killer enters the boon radius, their aura is revealed to all survivors for 3/4/5 seconds.

-Dance with Death: After escaping a chase, Dance with Death activates. When you get in another chase, break into a sprint at 150% of your normal running movement speed for 3 seconds and Dance with Death deactivates. Become exhausted for 60/50/40 seconds. Cannot use Dance with Death while exhausted.