Simple Idea for Xenomorph in DBD

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Killer: The Lurker

Height: Tall

Speed: 4.6m/s

Power: Instinctual Prowl

Hold the power button to crawl on all fours, getting a lower POV but effectively becoming undetectable, while using Instinctual Prowl you can climb onto any environmental surface resembling a wall or celling, while crawling on a non-ground environment you move 30% faster. You have a Stalk meter that fills up when using Instinctual Prowl to stalk a survivor in your line of sight, each survivor has limited stalk that slowly builds back up overtime

Special Ability: Pounce

Once the stalk meter is full you gain 1 token for your pounce ability, hold down the ability button to lock onto any survivor in your line of sight, once they are locked onto you can activate Pounce to do a ginormous B-line jump directly targeted at that survivor. If the survivor is hit they will immediately enter the dying state. Pounce tokens can be saved and stacked with no limit. You can cancel out of survivor lock-ons if you are not ready to use your pounce ability.

Special Ability: Perch

Perch on top of any environment that you have climbed to the top of, pounce can be used while perching.

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