{DBD Survivor} Sheldon and Jennifer Zimero

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{DBD Survivor} Sheldon Zimero

Chapter Name: Tired and Lazy

Lore: {N/A}


Tiring Sprint:- You've become accustomed to running long distances. After sprinting for 3 seconds, you gain a 4% speed boost until you stop running and the perk goes on cooldown for 60 seconds

Text: “Oh god this is so far AH!” Sheldon

Procrastinator:- you laze around doing nothing putting off your task but when it's imperative that you do it you rush it but complete it. When you are in the killer's terror radius and not performing any actions(doing gens, cleansing a totem, or opening a chest) , you will gain a stack of procrastination every 60 seconds, up to a maximum of 4 stacks you lose 1 stack when losing a health state. Once you get 4 stacks You can consume all your stacks at once to instantly complete a generator or healing action, but doing so will cause you to become oblivious for 30 seconds. This perk deactivates after 1 use.


Keen Hop: When you fast vault a window regardless of how you vaulted it it will result in  a running vault 

This perk has a cooldown of 30 seconds and only goes on cooldown if the Vault was going to be a medium vault. but your vault is 32% louder

Text: “i need to be a bit more diligent with this one” Sheldon

{DBD Survivor} Jennifer Zimero

Chapter Name: Tired and Lazy

Lore: {N/A}


Encouragement:- your not so good at doing a job but you can encourage others to pick up your slack 

your gen speed is Hindered by 5% but when working on a gen with others their gens speeds are increased by 10%

Text: “‘i’m not so good at this but you can be better than me so keep it up!” Jennifer

Steady Pace:- you take things much slower than others and go at a more lazy pace

When working on a Genorator Skill checks will go by 2%/4%/6% slower but skill checks will appear 10% less often 

Text: “i’m taking this slower than others but thats ok i’m ok” Jennifer

Motivation Rush:- when completing something when you think you can’t you feel slightly better

When Completing a generator while injured your healing up go up by 25%/50%/75%

Text:”I did it, I actually did it! YES!” Jennifer