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The Quarry (licensed chapter concept) remake

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The white wolf killer icon

Dlyan survivor icon

Kaitlyn survivor icon

outfit cosmetics:

(Very rare outfit) Dlan Lenvy 80's: high school guy

(Very rare outfit) Kaitlyn Ka: 80's softball

(Legendary outfit) Jacob Costos

(Legendary outfit) Abigail Blig

(Legendary outfit) Ryan Ezalher

(Legendary outfit) Nick Ferlucio

(Legendary outfit) Emma Mountebank

(Legendary outfit) Max Brinly

(Legendary outfit) Laura Kearny

New survivors: Kaitlyn Ka and Dylan Lenvy

New Killer: {Silas Voorhz} or The White Wolf

New maps; Quarry (Left side) (L), Hacketts Quarry (Right side) (R)


Dylan Lenvy !Overview!

As Dylan and his friends are serving the night at Hacketts quarry he helps out and putting himself in danger for others to help them live.

Dylan Lenvy (perks): with his perks ||Don't Breathe, Can I use the gun, and Why is this Happening||

Perk 1 (Don't Breathe): as the night gets colder you're breathing gets dimmer. Allowing you to hide affective. To earn tokens you will have to hide in the killers terror radius for 5 seconds

1 token allows you to hide in a locker without scratch marks

2 tokens can additionally allow you to fast hide in the locker without noise notifications being brought to the killer

3 tokens give you a speed boost in hiding in the locker with 34%

Perk 2 (Can I use the gun)

As you would want protective gear to help you navigate the camp this perk allows for you to have a sawed off 1 barrel shotgun with the rang of a flashlight you get 1 bullet for the shotgun to get the shotgun you must complete a generator to 65% ALONE after the perk is active open a chest to get the shotgun and then hide in the locker for +1 silver shells (DISCLAIMER) YOU CAN ONLY HOLD 1 SHELL PER USE AND PERK CAN BE USED 5 TIMES BEFORE COMPLETE DEACTIVATION

Perk 3 (Why is this happening)

As Dylan here's something outside he runs out the door and screems he instantly runs back in the radio hut. You gets to craft a radio but you have to complete at generator to 80% with a teamate with no failed skill checks if you fail a skill check then all the perks progress resets as a result the raido gets to reveal everyones Aura to you disincluding the killer and you can see the killers Aura but the killer can't see you

Kaitlyn Ka !Overview!

As one of the bravest members of the group she is also fairly scared for her self and her friends (counselors) and her desires of keeping everyone alive.

Kaitlyn Ka's (perks): her perks are, Cool beans, Locked and Loaded, and Automotive mechanic,

Perk 1 (Cool beans) as her senitites to help her team anyway she can gather information anyway she Possibly can. She gets To see everyone and everything after 1 generator is complete for 10 seconds

Perk 2 (Locked and loaded) Kaitlyn knows her guns well as the back of her hands she makes a gun by completing a generator to 100% on any generator the progress stacks She would have to hide in the locker for 15 seconds sharp her shotgun has the range of a flashbang and can hold 3 shells (not silver) (DISCLAIMER) YOU CAN ONLY HOLD 3 SHELLS PER USE AND PERK CAN BE USED 2 TIMES BEFORE COMPLETE DEACTIVATION

Perk 3 (automotive mechanic) Kaitlyn knows a lot about cars and especially a lot about generators her perk allows her to install a rotor arm to the generator which increases the generator repair speed if you hit 4 great skill checks

The White Wolf !overview!

This beast is not only a beast but also a calist boy that was Infectcted

The white Wolf's (Hacketts feast)

You can call upon werewolves (3x) to hunt other survivors with you if you bite them with your bite attack they get slowed and they also become infected which turns them into a werewolf but they will not be able to hunt other survivors they are just a werewolf until they find the Cure in the hackett's chest

The White Wolf's (perks)

The white Wolf's medicine but also dangling perks are called; wolf pack, Chomp chomp, infection

Perk 1 (wolf pack)

As the survivors tried to dredge their way out you get a 100% speed boost with all gates are active you get a 50% speed boost and if everybody is on the struggle phase you can see everybody's aura for 10 seconds

Perk 2 (Chomp Comp)

As a survivors try to struggle for your grasp there wiggle speed is reduced by 50% when the survivors are hit they are put in the mingled and the oblivious effect their healing speed is reduced by 23% after you pick them up because their wounds are too dangerous

Perk 3 (infection)

As a Survivor try to get rid of the infection with cures across the map hidden in Hackett chest if they get hit by a werewolf that you have summoned they will be slow down, oblivious, mangled and nauseous and they would be coverd in light red blood

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