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Chase music:

SPEED: 4.6m/s

lore: The Indoraptor, the latest hybrid dinosaur, has broken free from its laboratory and made its way to the Entity's realm. The Indoraptor is a cunning and ferocious predator, with razor-sharp claws and teeth that can shred through anything in its path. The Entity is intrigued by this new addition to its collection and has granted the Indoraptor the power to stalk and hunt its prey in a twisted game of cat and mouse.

Killer Power: Hybridized Predator


40 second cooldown shared by all picked abilities

The Indoraptor is a genetically modified killing machine, designed to be the ultimate predator. The Indoraptor's power allows it to adapt to its surroundings and prey, gaining enhanced senses and abilities based on the situation. By pressing and holding the power button, the Indoraptor can activate one of three genetic modifications: you can cycle through them like how clown cycles through his tonics. All abilities have the same cooldown.

At the start of the trial all entrances are replaced with doors, the killer and survivor can open these doors. The killer can either destroy them run through them or open them silently, survivors can open them loudly/close them loudly to quickly open them, survivors can close doors but this takes a few seconds or survivors can siletnlty open doors but this takes a longer amount of time.

Night Vision - The Indoraptor's eyes glow yellow, allowing it to see in complete darkness and track survivors through thick foliage. Duration is 25 seconds.

Ascension - when selected you are able to climb obstacles, such as being able to climb shack or over the walls of jungle gyms. when activated you can do this for 10 seconds.

Enhanced Hearing - The Indoraptor tilts its head and listens intently, picking up on the faintest sounds and vibrations made by nearby survivors. Remain stationary and Highlight survivors with killer instinct within your terror radius for five seconds. After killer instinct has ended increase your hearing by 50 percent, survivors grunts of pain, breathing and noises they make while running and walking will be effected by this percentage, the duration of this is 20 seconds.

Enraged Charge - The Indoraptor lets out a deafening roar and charges forward, knocking down and injuring any survivors in its path. This charge has a long range and can break through pallets and walls. Survivors knocked will be immobilised being slightly incapacitated as they attempt to pick themselves back up. The Indoraptor will keep going until colliding with an environment, if it collides with a survivor the duration of the run will be set to three seconds unless it damages another survivor.


toggle the ability button to crouch down, become undetectable and gain the ability to lean around corners, your movement speed is reduced to 4.0m/s. You cant attack during this phase. Additionally you can open doors silently. You cant use any abilities/activate abilities from hybridised predator while predatory stealth is active.



  • Tracking Scent: Blood trails left by injured survivors are 25 percent bigger
  • Sharp Claws: Survivors who have been hit by enraged charge suffer from the mangled status effect.
  • Advanced Sensors: Blood trails are highlighted in bright red while using night vision.
  • Keys: Decrease the time it takes to open a door silently while in predatory stealth by 1.5 seconds


  • Night Vision Goggles: Increases the duration of Night Vision by 5 seconds.
  • Lockdown Mechanism: Doors take 10% longer to open for survivors
  • Enhanced Hearing Implant: Increases the range of Enhanced Hearing by 4 meters.
  • Gunnar Eversal remains: Increase movement speed of enraged charge by 9 percent


  • Indominus DNA: Survivors hit by engaged charge are knockdown for an additional 2 seconds
  • Camouflage Serum: movement speed while in Predatory Stealth is increased by 10%.
  • Toxic Spitter Gland: Increase the duration of killer instinct for enhanced hearing by 3 seconds.
  • Velociraptor DNA: Increase the range survivors can be hit by engaged charge by 1.5m
  • Human Genes: When a survivor is hit, all survivors will hear the roar of the indoraptor from behind them. Hide the survivors injured icon for 10 seconds.


  • Indoraptor specimen recording: When ascension is active inflict survivors with the oblivious status effect when they are within 10m. After they have left it persists for 5 seconds.
  • Indoraptor claw: When a survivor is hit with engaged charge inflict the exposed status effect on all survivors for 30 seconds.
  • Door handle: Every 30 seconds a random door opens in a creaking manner. When all generators are complete all doors shut and take 7 seconds to open.
  • Bed time book: You always open doors silently. Survivors cant close doors silently.


  • Midnight cowl: While in predatory stealth you are granted a slight invisibility, survivors further away will struggle to see the indoraptor whereas up close they can see it more clearly. Grants the ability to use predatory stealth with Ascension and night vision.
  • Advanced Brain Implant: Grant the ability to choose two abilities from hybridised predator, increase cooldown by 10 seconds. Abilities wont begin until two are selected.


  1. Unnatural Instincts - Your hybridised genetics allow you to sense the survivors' movements. Whenever a survivor begins working on a generator, their aura is revealed to you for 2/3/4 seconds. cooldown 40 seconds.

  1. Adaptive Hunting - Your genetic modifications allow you to adapt to your prey. After injuring a survivor, your movement speed is increased by 5%/7%/10% for 5 seconds. Additionally, each time you hit a survivor with a basic attack, you gain a token. Each token increases your lunge range by 2%/3%/4%, up to a maximum of 5 tokens.

  1. Genetically Modified - Your hybridised genes make you a more efficient killer. Whenever you hook a survivor, all other survivors within a 24/32/40 meter radius suffer from the Oblivious status effect for 10 seconds. Additionally, after hooking a survivor, your next basic attack does not trigger a cooldown, allowing you to quickly follow up on your prey.


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    I wanna check out the chase music, cause I think including that is super cool, but the file you included is giving me some troubles.

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    Nevermind, the file works fine, my computet just for whatever reason didnt want to automatically play a music file in e media player. The mixing is a little muddy, but having a chase theme that prominently features a choir is pretty cool, and it's definitely a super intense theme.

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    Tysm, yeah I didn't spend lots of time editing it. But the choir sequence is too iconic not to be incorp into a chase theme

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    Heeey Glad to know I'm not the only one who wanted the Indoraptor in DBD! I really like your idea here as I suck with making perks and gameplay related stuff, however I actually did a couple renders in Gmod of how I would envision the Killer!

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