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About the future tomes and older killers

IWannaPlayAGame Member Posts: 8

This most recent dev update about the midchapter patch is all fine with me, I appreciate the meta shakeup and different perks all that, but when it comes to the lore or the tomes for the future, they said that the new tomes are gonna feature the newest killer from now and older characters are gonna just be relegated to minor characters?? Does that mean Dredge and Artist and Deathslinger are never gonna get their own tomes now? That really sucks just cause they're old. I hope that isn't the case.

Direct quote from the Update: "And if you’ve been waiting to learn more about your favourite characters from years past, don’t worry, they won’t be forgotten! Older characters will still be featured throughout new Tomes as minor characters."


  • TheNTT777
    TheNTT777 Member Posts: 24

    It's vague what they mean by older characters being "minor characters". What I'm hoping for is what the older tomes did, featuring multiple characters in one tome.

    Recent tomes always have one killer, one survivor, and whatever the ongoing story is (House of Arkham, the Observer stories, etc).

    Older tomes had a survivor and killer who shared a theme, plus other "minor" characters. For example Tome 4's theme was luck, so the main characters were Hag and Ace. However, Meg and Wraith also had their own stories in that tome. So hopefully going forward characters like Adam, Feng, Oni, Deathslinger will be able to get their stories alongside the new characters of the tome.