Switch - Needs optimizing BAD

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Steps to recreate: Play a match as any killer or survivor, handheld or docked.

When playing as any killer or survivor, the game will randomly freeze for about half a second. This is incredibly frustrating, as it can happen during a chase, working on a gen or even just standing still. The switch already struggles with DbD, as framerate can chug and not reach 30 fps sometimes.

But this is just unfair when you miss a hit, get downed or miss a skill check because of it. This has been in for several months now, please look into it.

I could've sworn I posted this before, but I cant find it, so I'm posting it here.

Edit: The freezing whenever a survivor leaves the match (not killed, sacrificed or DC, but when returning to the lobby) has been fixed. However, the framerate is still so bad its sickening.

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