RE Chapter 3

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Killer: The Parasite (Osmund Saddler)

Plaga - You start the Trial with 4 Plaga vials, Plagas do not replenish. Upon downing a Survivor you can inject a Plaga into the survivor and they will remain infected for the rest of the Trial.

Mind Control - You can cast out a small blast from your staff with a range of 8 meters. (The blast is linear and would be similar to a Huntress Hatchet) This can cause different effects depending on if the Survivor is infected or not. If the Survivor is not infected the blast will Hinder them by 10% for 2 seconds.

If the survivor is infected the blast will instead cause the survivor to do the following:

Pallet: They will immediately drop the nearest pallet within 5 meters. If the Pallet is down, they will vault the nearest pallet into the Killer.

Vaults: They will immediately vault any window within 5 meters, into the killer.

Generators: They will immediately miss a skillcheck, the penalty is decreased to 8%.

Healing: They will immediately miss a skillcheck.

Unhooking: Their unhook progress will be reset back to 0, and they will not be able to cancel the unhook.

Exit Gates: They will be pulled off the exit gate and forced to run towards the killer for 1.5 seconds.

Paralyze: Slam your staff down into the ground to paralyze Survivors within 32 meters. Paralyze only works on infected Survivors, if they are not infected they will be Hindered by 15% instead.

Survivors within 0-8 meters of the attack get Paralyzed for 1 second. 9-16 meters: 2 seconds. 17-24 meters: 3 seconds. 25-32 meters: 5 seconds. If they are not infected, all durations apply but they are only Hindered instead.

Paralyze has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

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