A change I'd make to every killer

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Some changes I'd make to add more flavor or power to the Killers of Dead By Daylight.

1. Trapper

Opening a locker while empty handed, and if the locker is empty, will destroy the furthest trap and place a new one in your hand.

Traps are shiny metal by default, camouflaging addons will make the traps darker and eventually match the terrain of the map.

Add addons that start with a few traps already set.

2. Wraith

Wailing Bell map wide by default.

Add silencing addons that reduce the wraith's growl while cloaked.

3. Hillbilly

Reverse the upcoming changes to focus hillbilly on surprise chainsaw sprints, instead of short loop chainsaw attacks like Bubba.

4. Nurse

Screeching and screaming changes depending on if any breath addons are added.

5. Shape

Survivors regenerate Evil while downed or hooked.

Greatly increase the evil gained while stalking from afar in Evil Within I, reduce the range for stalking in Evil Within II to better match source material.

6. Hag

Give hag an addon where she can choose whether or not to have a phantasm jump out of a trap, leaving survivors to think some loops are safe.

7. Doctor

Have hallucinations move around, chase the affected Survivor, hallucinate other survivors.

8. Huntress

Movement speed increase when empty on hatchets by default, soldier's puttee increases the empty movement speed.

9. Cannibal

Make the tantrums more tantrumy like in the movie with more wild flailing about.

10. Nightmare

Survivors clocks start at different times.

Sleeping survivors have slower action speeds to make being asleep more dangerous.

Sleeping survivors have auras revealed because Freddy is supposed to know when you're sleeping.

11. Pig

Traps are permanent and attached to survivors at the start. Completed generators start the timer, survivors must reset this or lose a health state. If already dying and the timer runs out, they die.

Addons help tamper with the timers, no more luck based power.

Focus on stealth and ambush attacks.

12. Clown

Give clown 3 bottles each before reloading, instead of swapping between bottles with the same ammunition.

13. Spirit

Project other spirit illusions near survivors while phasing to increase the spooky factor.

14. Legion

Double deep wound timer, but do not pause it while running, reduce screen effects as well. This will force survivors to escape chase to mend.

15. Plague

Corrupted purge can break walls and pallets by default.

16. Ghost Face

Survivors hear a phone ringing in the distance when they have any stalk progress, volume increasing depending on amount.

17. Demogorgon

Add a minimum shred distance threshold like plague's minimum vomit.

18. Oni

Basekit Bloodhound while in demon form.

19. Deathslinger

Add addon set that removes the chain, applying instant damage and then deep wound to survivors.

20. Executioner

Add addons that allow the executioner to torment generators and hooks, applying torment to survivors that interact with them, making the status effect more dangerous.

21. Blight

Allow blight to bounce off survivors, causing a blighted status, giving them a burst of speed. Getting hit by a rush while blighted removes the status effect and a health state.

22. Twins

Victor becomes autonomous after switching back. He can be set to guard an area, scout, or chase. Guarding victor will chase away and pounce on survivors that come near. Scouting victor will be passive but have a larger detection radius. Chase victor will chase the survivor in line of sight when switching, pounce on them and jump to other survivors if the pounced survivor gets near others.

23. Trickster

Getting a down with main event will trigger an encore, granting you a second main event that lasts half as long with half as much time to activate before expiring, making trickster more of a snowball killer.

24. Nemesis

1 zombie for each living survivor. Any time a survivor dies, a zombie will fizzle out of the trial.

Change addon that spawns zombies in the exit gates to spawn 4 zombies in each exit gate, these will fizzle out of the trial after 60 seconds.

25. Cenobite

Make teleporting to the cube being solved pause and reduce the chain hunt timer to half its progressed duration instead of resetting entirely.

26. Artist

Make swarmed survivors take longer to shoo away crows, allowing more use of her power at range.

27. Onyrou

Make an addon that transfers condemn to nearby survivors when putting a tape away.

28. Dredge

Make an addon that silences lockers.

29. Mastermind

Make an addon that spreads ouroboros.

30. Knight

Make an addon that causes guards to chase survivors after kicking a generator.

31. Skull Merchant

Make drones follow survivors after locking on, like in the trailer.

Remove Claw Traps entirely.

Do you agree with these?


  • Flood73
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    Traps are permanent and attached to survivors at the start. Completed generators start the timer, survivors must reset this or lose a health state.

    If Pig's traps only caused you to lose a health state then I don't see a good reason for survivors to search boxes. It would be far more efficient to ignore the timer, work on generators, and then heal up after the timer expires. This change would also make the slowdown completely passive because it would not require the Killer to earn it through downing survivors. Personally, I like that RBTs come as a reward for ending a chase and don't give the slowdown completely for free (unless you have the video tape add-on anyway).

    If already dying and the timer runs out, they die.

    Currently, the RBT timer pauses when a survivor is in the dying state so how would it run out? Would you make the timer continue to tick while someone is on the ground? I dislike that idea because it would encourage you to slug someone and then camp them on the ground which isn't very fun for either side.