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I know that their aren't too many pyramid head players out there but for those of us that do could we please get a rework of his addons maybe? i'm a pyramid head main and have been since his release. i would love to p100 him but i don't think i could stomach going through that many blood webs of absolutely useless garbage. all we use is range extension and if we run out of those than duration of trails. not because it's good just because it at least does something that can be noticed.

i mean look at his addons. what is the point? the goblet is a meme addon and the seal is pointless. you don't leave a bunch of people running around with torment. and the purples? who cares if a survior is hemorrhaging or oblivious during a chase. blindness might be useful but only if the person is addicted to windows of op. the rest of his addons suffer the same problem of why would i ever run this?

i don't want overpowered addons or anything. just something that actually helps a little bit. something that would let me run anything other than range and actually feel like i got some value out of it.

at this point i'm scared he's gonna get billy's treatment and they're gonna say, "these addons are seeing too much use. let's nerf them."


  • Adjatha
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    I've been beating that drum since I joined this forum. It was literally the reason I made an account.

    In all that time, he's been nerfed three times, his perks have all be reworked, and other killers have had their perks buffed, nerfed, or both.

    In all that time, they've only changed TWO addons. They tweaked the one that makes you stealth while you're standing on your own torment trails (and it still doesn't work right and still misses the point of stealthing the tallest killer in the game who has the second loudest sound profile). The other is the new one that makes his killer instinct last 3 more seconds (or basically two extra pulses, which doesn't stop the fact that it's 100% useless).

    PH has, without a doubt, the single worst selection of addons of ANY killer in the game. Many, many people have made these threads. Many people have proposed alternates or tweaks, or fixes, or anything.

    Nothing has been done. His addons are 100% useless. The only ones that see any use are the "make his shockwave longer" but those are traps because they internalize the wrong distance for you, making you miss shots when you aren't running them.

    And yet: nothing. And I am 100% sure that the reason is the cages. The fact that cages ignore the classic crutch perks survivors rely on means that PH is seen as "very strong" despite his kit being so, SO very terrible.

    Every feedback thing they put out, I add "re-do all of PH's addons" in the final section, and so should you.

    But, to be honest, I'm kind of given up hope.

    He's just a killer with no add on support. And he probably always will be.