Ultimate Anti Camp and Anti Tunnel Perk Ideas?

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The Anti Camp Perk is as follows:

Rousing Revenge: "Your pain drives you to survive against your foe." Whenever a killer remains within 24 meters of the hook you are hooked on press the ability button to activate Rousing Revenge. The longer they stay the more health you receive towards your health once unhooked. 20% of your health is regained every 10 seconds. This allows for full health if the Killer remains for nearly an entire hook state. Your regained health is protected for 10 seconds after unhook. This way if you are hit immediately after unhook this health remains. Rousing Revenge works for 50 seconds of hook time and deactivates once all generators are completed.

The Anti Tunnel Perk is as follows:

Shining Savior: "A selfless defender of those in need." Whenever you unhook a survivor, Shining Savior activates. If the killer pursues the unhooked survivor, for the next 60 seconds of recorded chase time the killers aura is revealed for 3 seconds every 20 seconds and their speed is reduced by 8/10/12% if 5-4 generators are unfinished and 4/6/8% if 3-1 generators are uncompleted. This will occur until the 60 seconds of chase elapses or until another survivor is hooked. The speed decrease is deactivated once all generators completed.

Please let me know what you think. Creative criticism is desired! I think Shining Savior should appear on the killer's HUD, but Rousing Revenge should not since the killer could see it and then cause you to waste the perk.


  • Annso_x
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    Anti-camping & tunneling ideas are always nice but always tricky, here's some flaws to yours:

    Rousing Revenge: In order for the camped survivor to benefit from it, they need to be unhooked, so this anti-camping perk doesn't have any effect if the killer camps you until you die. Also, survivors would be chased around the hook on purpose and leave the survivor hooked as long as possible (and have now perks to help) to get an advantage.

    Shining Savior: I'm not sure I understood it all but it sounds to me like the unhooked survivor could run around the killer and force them into a chase to benefit from the perk.

  • Underwear_Model
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    Firstly, no perks help you if you die on hook (not even Reassurance), so this is to dissuade camping. As to the chasing in the area this is never a good idea, but once killers know of this affect they would be aware that this tactic is a possibility.

    For the second statement, the killer can't be forced to chase someone (chase could be initiated by a survivor, but the killer doesn't have to pursue them) and they would see the effect on their HUD. They would want to chase someone else. For the survivor to implement the effect, they cannot be doing any useful objectives for their team. Plus, they are wasting their protection time.

    I see what you mean though. There is some wiggle room for abuse. Thank you!

  • Annso_x
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    Your point about the anti-tunneling perk isn't bad ! however i still think a perk to dissuade camping that can be countered by camping harder is probably not the way to go. It's really difficult to think of anti-camping measures that would actually work without giving an unfair advantage to survivors haha

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    I don't like having perks to counter tunneling and camping, it really shouldn't be in the game and yet here we are. Currently, camping isn't such a bad issue due to the base kit borrowed time, but tunneling could be undone by reverting DS back to 5 seconds.