The Petals Of The Fallen (OC CHAPTER CONCEPT)

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Chapter: The Pedals Of The Fallen

Killer: The Wilted / Margaret Greer

Weeping Vines:

The Wilted is Armed With A Bundle Of Thorn Vines That Consume Her Arm, With A Basic Attack, It Acts As A Sideways Whip Like Attack. Two Random Vine Plants Are Spawned At The Beginning Of The Match, Highlighted in White To The Killer. They Slowly Release A Toxic Gas Around The Map, The Longer These Plants Remain Active, The More Oppressed Survivors Become. Stage 1: Exhausted Effect. Stage 2: Generator Repair Debuff. Stage 3: At Full Effect, Survivors Are Put Into The Broken Status Effect Until The Plant Is Destroyed. Once Destroyed, The Plants Do Regrow, But Can Be Destroyed Again And Again.

Blossomed Rampart:

Holding The Secondary Button, Then Primary Spawns A 8m Long and 6m High Wall. Impairing Sights of The Survivor, While Still Being Able To Go Through, They Become Slowed, and Are Affected By The Prickled Status Effect.

Prickled Status Effect: 

A Slow Meter Fills As You Become Prickled. Being Prickled Means 2 Things, You Aren’t As Efficient In Generator Repair or Healing. If Fully Prickled, You Receive A 20% Debuff To Healing And Gen Repair Speeds. You May Also Be Affected By “Thorn Grip” If Fully Prickled. You May Do A Cleansing Process To Get Rid Of The Status That Last 12 Seconds.

Thorn Grip:

Sending A Volley Of Thorns Into The Survivor Directly After Being Put Into The Dying State, The Survivor Then Grows Weeds Out Of Their Abdomen, Slowly Being Consumed. Once Covered, This Acts As A Hook Stage, Other Survivors May Come Up To The Survivor To Break Them Free Just Like A Normal Hook. You Must Be Fully Prickled To Have This Done.

Perk 1: Hidden Rage: Each Time A Generator Is Completed, Gain The Undetectable Status Effect For 25/30/35 Seconds And The Aura Of Any Survivors Working On A Generator Is Revealed To You For 10 Seconds.

Perk 2: Held Hostage: After Hooking A Survivor, Held Hostage Activates. The Next Generator You Kick Will Become Blocked By The Entity And Will Regress At A 100/150/200% Regression Speed Until The Survivor Is Unhooked..

Perk 3: Hex: Silent Progression: The Last 2/3/4 Survivors Hit With Your Basic Attack Become Cursed With This Hex. While Cursed, Survivors Are Unable To See Any Progress Bars.

Survivor: Margot Vilo

Perk 1: Restoration: While Working On A Generator, Restoration Activates. Every Time You Hit A Good Skillcheck, Your Item Refills 3/4/5% Of Its Charges. Every Time You Hit A Great Skillcheck, Your Item Refills 8/9/10% Of Its Charges. Missing A Skillcheck Makes You Lose 20% Of Your Items Charges.

Perk 2: Empathetic Connection: Each Time You Lose A Health State, Any Survivor That Is Healing, Sabotaging, Mending, Recovering, Blessing, Cleansing, Or Opening Exits, Gains 20/30/40% Boost To Their Progress Bar. Cooldown of 80/70/60 Seconds.

Perk 3: False Direction: After Pressing The Active Ability Button While Running, You Leave A Fake 8 Meter Trail Of Scratch Marks In The Direction You Are Facing. Cool Of 80/70/60 Seconds.


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    I'm loving this concept. It's shocking that you made a better og chapter than BHVR. The perks are well made and seem like they can be fun to use, will need some nerfing but almost perfect. I love powers which include a secondary objective, this killer would be amazing addition to the game, 1 change however I would make is that when a vine is destroyed the survivor should be inflicted with the prickled status effect.

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    You didn't make any backstory for either so I made one for you.

    Margaret Greer had always been fascinated by the natural world. As a young girl, she spent most of her free time exploring the woods around her home, fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow, the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds. But it wasn't until she enrolled in botany classes in college that she discovered her true passion: plants.

    Margaret was a gifted student, with a sharp mind and an insatiable curiosity. She spent hours studying the intricacies of plant physiology, learning about the various ways in which plants could adapt and thrive in different environments. But as much as she loved the science of botany, Margaret was also drawn to the darker side of the plant world. She read about carnivorous plants that could trap and digest insects, and about parasitic plants that could take over their hosts' bodies and minds.

    After graduating from college with honors, she began working for a biotech company that helped assist her in her quest to better understand plants. Margaret Greer had a passion for creating new plant species. She loved nothing more than spending hours in her labatory, cultivating and cross-breeding different plants to create unique hybrids. However, her obsession with her work took its toll, and she began to neglect other aspects of her life. Her relationships suffered, and she lost touch with friends and family.

    Her experiments soon grew increasingly dangerous. She started experimenting with strange and exotic plants that had never been seen before, ignoring warnings from her colleagues and pushing the boundaries of what was safe. Her experiments led her to make new strange hybridised plant species. On an eventful evening while working late in her Lab, Margaret was exposed to a new plant she had been experimenting with. She had only left it for a second when a strange, thorny vine that seemed to pulse with a life of its own. The vine took hold of her arm, burrowing inside of her and she could feel it growing inside her, consuming her from the inside out. She could see arm slowly changing she sliced her arm off but it was too late - the plant had taken root inside her, and it was slowly taking over. Margaret accepted her reality if bleeding out, however as she looked to her removed arm it sprouted out anew completely fine and untouched only the remnants of a bloody limb remained in the side of her workplace.

    Margaret became obsessed with the plant deep inside of her, and she started to hear its voice in her head. It spoke to her. She became convinced that the plant was the key to unlocking a new era of plant life, that it could revolutionise science. As her research continued on her discovery so did power of the plant inside her. She started to feel its vines sprouting from her skin, and she could control them with a thought. She began to experiment with the plant's powers, discovering she could regenerate any wound and control plant life at will. As she isolated herself more her colleagues began to worry, some began to investigate her findings. On a dark evening a female colleague Sarah came into the dark lab. She found samples if the plant growing and blooming in Margaret's lab. Sarah read through the files of Margaret and made a horrific discovery, Margaret had altered the plants design to create spores to infect people in the masses. As Sarah was about to leave she was confronted by a mutated margeret. A twisted, thorny creature with vines growing from her arms, her eyes has the their humanity removed from them staring at Sarah with empty eyes with a hint of green. Sarah ran for the door. "Why are you running Sarah, it's the next step in our evolution" Sarah escaped the lab and ran down the empty corridors soon bumping into a grad student Margot Vilo. "We need to contain this building Margaret has created a biohazard it can't leave..." Margaret impales Sarah with a sharp plant like blade from her arm, she falls to the ground.

    Margot Vilo sprinted down the hallway, her heart pounding in her chest. She had never seen anything like Margaret before, and she knew that she needed to get out of the building before it was too late. She could hear Margaret's thorny vines growing and reaching out, as if searching for her. Margot could also hear the screams and shouts of other people in the building, all trying to escape the biohazard that Margaret had created. As she ran, Margot realized that she had been exposed to the spores that Margaret had created. She could feel something growing inside of her, just like what had happened to Margaret. She knew that she needed to act fast, or else she would end up like her.

    Margot's mind raced as she thought of a plan. She remembered seeing a canister of gasoline in one of the storage rooms. If she could find it and spread it throughout the lab, she could ignite it and burn the entire place to the ground, destroying Margaret and the plant inside her once and for all.

    Margot searched frantically for the storage room, her hands shaking with fear and adrenaline. When she finally found it, she grabbed the canister of gasoline and started dousing everything in sight. She poured it on the lab equipment, on the plants, and even on herself, not caring about the risk. She then made her way to the room where Margaret was hiding, and when she saw the twisted creature in front of her, she lit a match and threw it.

    The room erupted in flames, and Margot watched as Margaret burned and twisted in agony. She felt the heat on her skin, but she didn't care. She knew that she had done the right thing, and that she had saved countless lives by destroying the biohazard that Margaret had created. As the fire raged on, a dark mist came from within the fire devouring the flames sharp claws surrounded the environment devouring everything around her and eventually herself. She awoke in a forest, looking around to see in horror the vines she burnt in the lab.


    Margot Vilo was always fascinated by science, particularly biology. She grew up in a small town where her parents owned a farm, and from a young age, she helped them tend to the crops and animals. Margot was a natural at it, and she loved learning about the different species that lived on the farm. As she got older, Margot's interest in biology grew, and she knew she wanted to pursue it as a career. She attended a prestigious university where she studied biology, with a focus on genetics and bioengineering. Margot was an exceptional student, and she quickly caught the attention of her professors.

    After graduating, Margot landed a job at a biotech company where she worked as a researcher. Her work was focused on developing new strains of crops that were more resistant to pests and disease. Margot quickly proved herself to be a valuable asset to the company, and she was promoted to lead researcher.

    However, Margot's career took a sudden turn when she discovered a shocking truth about the company she worked for. They were using their research to create genetically modified crops that were harmful to the environment and potentially dangerous to humans. Margot was horrified by this discovery and knew she couldn't stay silent. She began to secretly gather evidence of the company's wrongdoing, but it wasn't long before she was caught. The company fired her, and they did everything they could to discredit her and cover up their actions. Margot was devastated but refused to give up. She knew the truth, and she was determined to expose the company's unethical practices. It was during this time that Margot heard about Margaret Greer and her work with plants, she initially thought she could help her expose the wrong doings if the company they worked for. So she reached out to her for help. Little did she know that this decision would lead her down a path of danger and horror, one that would ultimately end in the lab's fiery destruction.

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    You took a power and some perks and made an entire story off of it... Amazing!