Survivor Specialty Offerings: (A safer way to implement survivor specific powers)

Underwear_Model Member Posts: 94

So, I know that there has been some requests for a while now to see if survivors could possibly have slight benefits that make sense with their lore applied to each survivor. This would make choosing a survivor more than just a cosmetic choice. I personally feel like this would be a bad move if every survivor got built in powers though. Not only could it cause some significant balancing issues, but what if a survivor becomes neglected just because their personal ability is seen as less strategically profitable. That is why I am forwarding this as an alternate option.

Imagine that after a survivor is prestiged their purple quality offering (with their image on it) begins appearing in bloodwebs of all survivors. Each offering would apply a benefit lasting for one trial. Perhaps a secondary benefit could be these dropping more commonly if a survivor reaches prestige 100. That or a stronger Iri quality offering at prestige 100.

Now for some example effects:

 Dwight Fairfield : All cooperative actions are completed 2% faster when within 18 meters of you. All regular actions are 1% faster.

Meg Thomas : Your haste and vaulting speed is increased by 1% and you recover from the exhausted state 5% faster.

 Claudette Morel : All healing you participate in is completed 3% faster. Charges on med kits used for a full heal are reduced by 20%.

 Jake Park : Your bleeding quantity when injured and grunts of pain are reduced by 30%. Your scratch marks disappear 2 seconds faster.

 Nea Karlsson : Your crouching movement speed is increased by 10%, your stagger time when falling from great heights is reduced by 20% and your aura reading by the killer is reduced by 1 second.

 Laurie Strode : If targeted and downed within 60 seconds of being unhooked your wiggle break out speed is increased by 20% and you can open exit gates 10% faster.

 Ace Visconti : Your self unhook chance is increased by 8% and your chance to get a higher quality item from a chest is increased by 20%.

 Bill Overbeck : Your recovery speed when downed is increased by 15% and you add 4 seconds of the base borrowed time effect to those you unhook.

 Feng Min : Generators you repair have their repair noise travel 5 less meters, quick vaulting gives 3% haste for 3 seconds and skill checks move 10% slower.

 David King : Your bleeding quantity when injured and grunts of pain are reduced by 20%, the hindered effect is 1% weaker on you and stuns and restraining effects are reduced by 20% on you.

 Quentin Smith : You recover from the exhausted effect 5% faster and you can open the hatch or exit gates 8% faster.

 David Tapp : You crawl when in the dying state 8% faster and all aura reading effects are extended by 1 second.

 Kate Denson : All action speeds of survivors are increased by 1% and your scratch marks are hidden for 3 seconds after a non rushed action.

What say ye?