Survivor Perk Concept: Sacrificial Lamb

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Basically the idea is that you give up a hook state to give another survivor 1 less hook state. In other words: help a tunneled survivor, or anyone that’s already hooked twice by giving up a hook state yourself, ie sacrificial lamb.

So when you are on the hook. You press a button to activate this perk, then somehow you have to choose who gets 1 hook deleted .

I like the idea in theory, might be difficult to pull off in practice.


  • Simfeliz
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    I actually like the idea. I would actually run it. I’m coming at this from a SoloQ player view. This might be too easy to abuse in SWF though. Not sure.

  • Chomperka
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    yeah so funny make survivor killing impossible because 4ppl running this perk and you never know who used this perk(btw i still don't get why killer can't see hook stages, if it's basically information he already has, but in more convenient form, but ok)