How accurate is Tarhos to real medieval knights?

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I've heard before that real medieval knights were not nearly as chivalrous or honorable as legend made them out to be, so I'm curious: Just how period-accurate is Tarhos?

I'm guessing most knights couldn't survive against a hundred attackers all dogpiling them at once, but were there actual organizations like the Guardia Compagnia, mercenary bands who raided villages, took slaves, and inducted captured children into their ranks?

Were most (Or some) knights little more than glorified mercenaries who dropped all pretense of honor and eagerly raided, looted and/or massacred villages when there wasn't a bigger bounty available? Did some knights develop a reputation as "evil incarnate", like Tarhos did?

To me, it seems like Tarhos is meant to symbolize the ugly side of the medieval age, the very worst of what it had to offer. Constant warring, innocent villagers becoming victims of conquest; nihilistic, amoral, violent thugs kicking down at the weak. So, how much do medieval history buffs like him?


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    I enjoy Tarhōs, I always liked knights.

    I'm fairly certain those groups existed. I mean if pirates existed why not the Campania?