Chat GPT made the most OP Killer I have seen.

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Ok chat GPT gavee the most OP Killer I have seen but the coolest concept.

Sure, here's a new Killer concept for Dead by Daylight:

Name: The Harbinger

Backstory: The Harbinger was a religious zealot who believed himself to be a messenger of the gods. He became obsessed with purging the world of sinners and infidels, and began a reign of terror that claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people. Eventually, he was caught and executed, but his spirit refused to move on. 

Appearance: The Harbinger is a tall, gaunt figure with a skeletal face and glowing red eyes. He wears tattered robes and carries a large staff that crackles with energy.

Power: Divine Punishment - The Harbinger can mark one survivor at a time with a symbol of divine punishment. While marked, the survivor's aura is revealed to the Harbinger and they suffer from a debilitating penalty to their actions, such as slowed repairing, healing or movement speed. The penalty increases as the mark remains on the survivor. 


1. Fanatical Devotion - The Harbinger's obsession with his mission makes him immune to stuns caused by pallet drops, allowing him to continue his pursuit undeterred.

2. Unholy Aura - The Harbinger's presence instills fear in survivors, causing them to suffer from the exposed status effect for a short time whenever they are in his terror radius.

3. Divine Retribution - Survivors who perform healing or rescuing actions on other survivors while the Harbinger is carrying a downed victim will have the penalty they received from the Harbinger's Divine Punishment be increased.

Mori: The Harbinger pins the survivor to the ground with his staff, raises it high above his head, and channels a blast of divine energy that obliterates the survivor's body. 

Tell me what you think....yes I know it's OP but let's discuss it anyway

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