The Nemesis Add-on rework

XIceKingX445 Member Posts: 7

Honestly, I got bored of the same old add-ons so I thought I should share some ideas of a rework. I wanted to go for more of a fun, and interesting add-on idea. Please feel free to comment some ideas. RIP survivor mains lol.

Added new status effect for survivors: Stunned.

Stunned: While running, survivors have a chance of falling, while on the ground the survivor will immediately start to get back up, but will be unable to do anything until they fully stand up. Standing up takes 2.5 seconds to complete. (Similar to the Doctor’s shock)

Common Add-ons:

Visitor Wristband: Now increases the zombie movement speed by 0.25 m/s as well.

S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual: Now reduces Tentacle strike cooldown on uncontaminated survivors by 15%.

Damaged Syringe: While contaminated, survivors have 10% chance of getting stunned.

Brian’s Intestine: All Vaccine cases now spawn in the main building of the map. (Will spawn in the basement if there is no main building present.)

Uncommon Add-ons:

Zombie Heart: When Zombies die, they now respawn within 32m of a random survivor.

Mikhail’s Eye: While Contaminated, survivors have a 15% chance of getting stunned.

Marvin’s Blood: Now also increases mutation rate when destroying zombies with a tentacle strike 0.5 contamination points.

Adrenaline Injector: Also the Killer Instinct is applied when a survivor is getting chased by a zombie for 4 seconds.

Admin Wristband: Now increases zombie movement speed by 0.35 m/s as well.

Rare Add-ons:

Tyrant Gore: Now increases the contamination points needed to get to Mutation Rate tier 2 of power, by 6 points. While in Mutation Rate tier 1, The Nemesis gains the Undetectable status effect until he reaches Mutation Rate tier 2.

T-Virus Sample: While in Mutation Rate tier 3, Tentacle strikes on contaminated survivors now applies the Deep Wounds status effect.

Serotonin Injector: While contaminated, survivors have a 20% chance of getting stunned.

Plant 43 Vines: When zombies die, they now respawn within 16m of a random survivor. Also reduces zombies respawn time by 5 seconds.

Licker Tongue: All zombies on the map are attracted to the sound of your tentacle strike, and will immediately move towards the source of it. Also increases zombie speed by 0.5 m/s.

Very Rare Add-ons:

NE-A Parasite: The Nemesis loses Mutation Rate tier 3 of power. Gains an additional 2 Zombies. Increases zombie movement speed by 0.5 m/s.

Jill’s Sandwich: The Nemesis can not progress Mutation Rate tier 1 of power. For every contaminated survivor, gain 0.5 m/s in movement speed. In addition, Vaccines cases replenish after all vaccines have been used.

Depleted Ink Ribbon: The Nemesis loses 2 zombies. Increase all action speeds by 15%.

Broken Recovery Coin: The Nemesis can not progress Mutation Rate tier 1 of power. Gains 4 additional zombies. Increases zombie movement speed by 0.25 m/s.

Ultra Rare Add-ons:

Shattered S.T.A.R.S. Badge: While in Mutation Rate tier 3, Tentacle Strike can damage generators, and grab survivors. In addition, Tentacle Strike’s cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds in tier 3 of power. Increased contamination points needed to reach tier 3 by 12 points.

Iridescent Umbrella Badge: Zombies are constantly tracking survivors. Zombies are now attracted to blood, generator progression, and groups of survivors.