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Chapter Idea: The Call of Service

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New Killer: The Heir(4.6 m/s)

Killer Story:

The chambers echo with the shouts of prisoners from the dungeon, often making Emily cover her ears to drown them out. Her bed is nothing but a blanket thrown onto the floor, making her choose the slight comfort of laying atop it or the slight warmth it gave over her. The only light in the room comes from a small candle in the corner, the wick almost too short to continue to burn.

"RAT," Queen Gro shouts. Emily doesn't know why but is grateful to leave the chamber. Rat is what the queen called her, it's the only name she was given aside from Emily, but only Luietanent Flann called her that. Everyone else simply calls her girl, child, or maid, since that's all she was to everyone else.

She's curious as to what the Queen wants, usually, it's some sort of punishment for no reason at all, and other times it's just for a simple chore. Emily had also become attuned to being called from across the castle, so she knows where the Queen is, the throne room. That's strange, no, that's horrible. What if she's being executed, she couldn't put it past the Queen's cruel punishments, but running and resisting, could lead to the same result, maybe worse.

She walks through the stone halls, the other servants turning and staring at her attire. She turns her attention away from them, they always look at her, always gaze in her direction. Her attire is quite different from the others, they wear tunics or dresses of the clan's colors, but Emily wears a long black dress and an iron mask. The King made sure that she wore it. The mask is painted black and has straps connecting behind her neck, she was supposed to wear it at all times, the only exclusion being during meals.

The throne room stands open, the doors blocked by two guards in iron armor. They stand in her way and glare at her. But a voice comes from the throne room, a friendly one.

Princess Astrid commands the guards to move aside, and they do, making room for her to walk in. Pushing her head down so that she merely stares at the floor. Emily takes a few more steps into the room, not daring to oppose the royal family. After a clang, the doors of the throne room close behind her, and the roar of the hinges echo throughout the throne room for a long while.

Emily continues to hold her head down until the king orders her to look up. King O'Brien, She's never met the king in person. She looks up and sees an old man sitting on the left throne. In his hand is a staff, with the markings of his ancestors, of the ones who built this kingdom he rules. He wears a disheveled cloak and a shining crown with jewels, he looks sorrowful, ashamed even.

The Queen sits to his right, a dignified woman with a bear skin shawl over her shoulders. Her legs are covered with the skins of many other animals. To the right side of the room, Princess Astrid and Prince Conners, with a sword at his side, sitting, awaiting something.

Then the Queen speaks, she says that Emily is a mistake, a horrible manifestation of lust and evil. The Queen goes on about this, how she was the product of the lust of the King and his prior servant. The Princess and the Prince jump in as well, but she doesn't care, for the first time in her life she knows why she was an outcast and she knows why she's been punished.

She takes a breath in and looks up, seeing the Prince's sword held out in front of her as he faces the queen. She looks at it, the blade is sharp, pristine. Something boils inside her, a rage like that she never felt before. She's been angry, angry at the Queen, at the King, her father, and angry at God, the one who was supposed to protect her. She observes the Prince, his attention fixated on the Queen. It's about time she deserves punishment.

Emily quickly stands and rushes her body over to Prince Conners. She grabs his arm, holding it out, then grabs his throat. She squeezes, and the blood oozes out like sap, no, faster than sap. She drops the dead prince, his body collapsing against the ground. She takes a breath, then another, this is... good. She looks over at the Queen, trembling, shaking.

Emily struts up to the cruel Queen, takes her head, and smashes it against the wall. The first hit sends a crack through the air, the second leaves a mark of blood, the third leaves a larger mark, and the fourth hit has a pink organ leave the head. Emily throws the corpse onto the ground, the body seizing and twitching.

She turns her attention to the King, her father. He was the reason she was here, he ignored her, ignored her mother, what a waste of flesh. Emily steals the ancient staff from her father's hand and breaks it over her knee. Stabbing one half into his leg, the old king screams in pain. The rumble of the throne room's door, and somehow she knows the guards won't come in.

She beat the elder with the other half of the staff, the bones breaking with every hit. The King falls out from his seat, the blood flowing from his eyes and nose down to the entrance. The Princess stands tall, with her brother's sword, no, their brother's sword. Emily O'Brien stands, opposing Princess Astrid O'Brien, only one could be the Heir.

Killer Perks:

Disgraced: Disgraced by those who should have protected you, they will understand

  • You become obsessed with one survivor at the start of the trial. Survivors within 16 meters of this survivor experience a 35% | 40% | 45% speed reduction in repair, cleansing, and blessing speeds, the obsession is not affected by this. You can only be obsessed with one survivor at a time.

Hex: Fatal Wounds: Wounds are to be fatal, to kill swiftly is too good for them

  • Upon hitting a survivor, Hex: Fatal wounds ignites on a random dull totem. The afflicted survivor is given deep wound every 40 | 35 | 30 seconds when injured. When the afflicted survivor is healed or put into the dying state, the totem darkens and the perk deactivates. Cleansing this Hex Totem while it is active will deactivate Hex: Fatal Wounds for the duration of the trial.

Will Breaker: To break their will, is to break their spirit. Without that, there is no hope.

  • Hitting a survivor 2 times without the survivor being put into the dying state gives them the exposed status effect for 90 | 120 | 150 seconds.

Killer Power: Servant's Calling

Press and hold the secondary ability button to activate Servant's Calling. While Active, Servant's Calling reveals the auras of all survivors who make noise(repairing, healing, cleansing, blessing, running, vaulting, or disturbing crows). While active, the Heir loses her terror radius and becomes undetectable. Activating Servant's Calling pulls the Heir to a complete stop. Press and hold the secondary ability button to leave Servant's Calling.

Special Ability: Leap

Leap has 3 charges, press the primary ability button to leap forward a short distance, (Like Nurse's Blink, but MUCH shorter, about 2-3 meters, collides with objects, and it's just used, no charging up).

Killer Add-ons:


Old Doll: An old doll gifted from the Princess to Emily, the exchange was punished harshly.

  • Survivors who are revealed by Servant's Calling are revealed for 2 seconds after Servant's Calling has ended.

Wooden Knight: A wooden Knight Chess piece, one of Luitenant Flann's favorite pieces on the board.

  • Increases distance of leap by 0.1 meter

Bowl of Soup: An inedible soup given to her by a young Prince Conners, Emily fell sick shortly after consuming this.

  • survivors injured 3 seconds after a leap are given the hemorrhage status effect until fully healed

Dead Rat: The corpse of a rat the Queen gave to Emily as rations.

  • Decreases leap charges by 1. Gain 100% blood points in the Deviousness category

Dusty Jewel: A hidden jewel Princess Astrid tried to gift to Emily. She hid this away, believing it to be a trick into another punishment.

  • Survivors revealed By Servant's Calling are afflicted with the hindered status effect(4%) for 10 seconds

Broken Stick: The stick Emily broke over Prince Conners's head while he practiced sword training.

  • Survivors injured 3 seconds after a leap are given the deafened and blindness status effects for 30 seconds.

Wolf Tooth: One day, the Queen ordered Emily to go outside the castle walls to help the gardeners. The Queen then sent the royal hounds after her, to which Emily returned with this tooth lodged in her arm.

  • Survivors revealed by Servant's Calling gain a fake terror radius for 10 seconds. Survivors will be considered inside the terror radius while this occurs.

Stolen Key: A key stolen off of some knight Emily had come across. She never knew what the key led to, but it made her feel strong for once.

  • Increases movement speed while using Servant's Calling from 0 m/s to 2 m/s

Withered Diary: A diary gifted by Luietenant Flann. But without knowing how to read, it became useless to her, yet she still feels it's special.

  • Increases distance of leap by 0.3 meters

Broken Hilt: A gift given to Emily from a friend of Lieutenant Flann. The broken hilt of the lieutenant's sword.

  • Increases Leap charges by 2, increases maximum amount of charges by 2.

Small Painting: A small painting gifted to Emily, the painting was taken from her and she was accused of stealing from the Princess.

  • After leaving Servant's Calling, gain a 15% haste effect for 10 seconds.

Stolen Knife: A dagger stolen from Prince Conners's person. She had contemplated using it on herself.

  • Survivor's injured 3 seconds after a leap are given the exhausted status effect for 10 seconds

Matt of Fur: A matt of fur ripped off from the royal hounds. An act of strength and resistance.

  • When Survivors reveal the killer's aura, the Heir sees their aura as well. Activates once every 45 seconds

Wilted Flower: A flower was taken from the garden, the plant quickly began to wilt and die, slightly upsetting Emily as a child.

  • Survivors injured 3 seconds after a leap gain the mangled status effect until fully healed
Very Rare

Prince's Sword: A sword once wielded by the Prince of Clan O'Brien. Now, he's just another worm feast.

  • Survivors injured 3 seconds after a leap are afflicted with the broken status effect for 45 seconds

Princess's Tibia: A bone torn from the Princess's arm, right before Emily was taken into the Entitiy's realm.

  • Survivors can be seen walking while in Servant's Calling, revealed survivors are given blindness and exhaustion for the duration and 10 seconds after.

King's Crown: A crown worn by a slothful king, a person Emily swears she will never become.

  • Increases leap distance by 0.5 meters, increases leap charges by 1, increases maximum leap charges by 1.

Queen's Shawl: The shawl worn by the Cruel Queen of Clan O'Brien. She was married to Emily's father in the name of peace, an act of fraud.

  • Survivors revealed with Servant's Calling are exposed for 25 seconds after Servant's Calling ends. Has a cooldown of 80 seconds

A Mother's Letter: A letter written by Emily's mother, one which the Queen swiftly threw into a fire before Emily was born.

  • Servant's Calling is active constantly, increasing the movement speed of Servant's Calling from 0 m/s to 4 m/s. Leap can now be used while in Servant's Calling.

Ancient Staff: A staff that represents the history of Clan O'Brien. A history that fuels Emily with hate like no other.

  • Leap can now be used to vault pallets and vault locations. Increases charges by 1, increases maximum charges by 1.

Killer Attire:

Weapon: Broken Heirloom - A long staff with a broken edge. Used to be a symbol of persistence.

Head: Emily O'Brien - The mask of Emily O'Brien, the daughter of a king, raised as a slave.

Body: Shunned Maid - A long black dress, made for outcasts from the kingdom, though this was a special case.

Killer Blighted Form:

Weapon: Torturous Grasp - A staff encircled by the elongated fingers of a tortured girl, the blight oozing from the staff like sap.

Head: Forced Removal - The Heir's mask has been forcibly torn from her face, the blight fusing her skin to the metal leaves for an undead expression

Body: Popped Sores - Across the body, a series of sores are forcibly removed, revealing bone and internal organs.

Emily O'Brien: Torment and Royalty

Tome 1 - Reveal Survivors 12 times with Servant's Calling. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

After returning from her venture, Princess Astrid returns to her quarters. The prince of a neighboring kingdom had passed away, so she was asked to visit for the funeral. The Princess had fought against tears as she had sat amongst the royal family, but she stood strong. Now in her home, Astrid begins to change into her formal attire, but the door bursts open and her mother struts in furious.

The Queen began to beat her daughter, calling her a worm, rat, and many other things until a small voice peeped from the Princess's door. Yes, your majesty. Astrid's mother turns around, seeing the servant Emily standing at the door, the black iron mask covering her nose and mouth. Emily's clothes are black, just as Astrid's were for the funeral. For a moment, the Queen is speechless but then demands that Emily return to the dungeon.

The Queen leaves her daughter in a desperate state, with nothing to say.

Tome 2 - Down 2 Expose Survivors while using the perk Will Breaker. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

Prince Conners assured his sister that their mother clearly didn't know what she was doing, but was lying, and he knew it. Astrid’s arms were covered in bruises and she continued to cry into her brother’s arms. Upon hearing this, Emily came along and stood in the doorway of the Princess’s room. Can I do anything to help, Princess? Conners was shocked but wasted no time. Go fetch us some bandages, now! Without another word, Emily left, and soon Princess Astrid had recovered herself.

Child, do you- But the servant had left already, gone in a moment. Astrid felt alone, even though her brother carried her close. Why would our mother do this? To which, Conners couldn’t answer. 

Tome 3 - Hit 2 Survivors within 3 seconds of using Leap. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

Hello. The Princess stands outside the servant’s door, holding a small portrait of the girl behind her back. It’s been a passion of hers to become an artist, Astrid believed that if she showed her passion to Emily, she may be able to open up. 

Emily stands up, the mask already on her face, in a tall formal fashion. Her chin stands tall, but her neck reveals several scars. The sight immediately saddened Astrid, but she gave a smile and walked in. I made something for you, look. But Emily’s eyes did not move, staring out through the Princess as though she wasn’t even there.

I’m sorry for my mother, I don’t know how you live with her the way she is. Emily still doesn’t move. Astrid began to step closer, unsure if she was even listening, and then a twitch of her head moved Astrid back.

Apologies, dear Princess, the Queen demands me. Astrid was certain that the Queen had not said anything but allowed the servant to pass her anyways. With a sigh, Astrid looks down at the small canvas, a painting of Emily in her all-black outfit. It was depressing, but she thought that when she or Conners ruled the kingdom, they would give her the chance she needed. Astrid placed down the canvas on Emily’s blanket on the floor and left the cell.

Tome 4 - Start a chase with 4 unique Survivors 15 seconds after revealing them with Servant’s Calling. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

Today, Princess Astrid wanted to test something. She couldn’t forget the moment when Emily had left her cell to assist her mother. Astrid had simply believed that she just didn’t want to talk. But upon finding her mother, it was true, the Queen did call on Emily. It made Astrid curious.

In the gardens, Astrid said Emily’s name, quite loudly. Within a few minutes, Emily came by, asking what Astrid had needed her for. The Princess played it off as if she needed help watering the garden, and Emily gave no sign that she believed otherwise. It was at this point that Astrid realized that Emily was quite talented, softly whistling a sweet melody. 

Emily was also very good with sparing her resources, only making a few trips to the well, watering seventeen flowerbeds and bushes. Astrid on the other hand found she spent most of her time at the well rather than the five flower beds she watered.

The next day, Astrid spoke Emily’s name as if she were standing next to her, a conversation level of noise. And without much delay, Emily appeared. This time, Astrid had mixed up a few of the books in the library. Within less than an hour, Emily had put each book back in place. Astrid could not believe her eyes, she never thought of Emily being so talented.

Tome 5 - Activate Hex: Fatal Wounds on 3 unique Survivors. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

Thank you. The Princess smiles at the servant, of whom seemingly smiles back. Emily rarely speaks, but even more rarely, she shows emotion or compassion. But it seems like Emily is getting to that point. Astrid places a plate of food she was given by Lieutenant Richards, a successor to Lieutenant Flann, Emily’s former caretaker.

Emily looks down at the plate, but doesn’t move. Her face seems to droop at the sight. She turns to Astrid and simply shakes her head.

Come now, you can eat. I promise not to tell. The servant looks ahead and shuts her eyes. Reaching behind her neck, she releases the latches and carefully removes the mask from her face. The sight makes the Princess gasp aloud, causing Emily to panic and put it back on.

Wait, Emily. But it was too late. Emily had already left the cell, leaving Astrid to her thoughts. The Princess sat there for a long time, unsure what to think. But she knew one thing. Emily looked like her.

Tome 6 - With a Loadout consisting of 4 randomly assigned perks, kill 3 Survivors by any means while playing as The Heir. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

What do you mean she looks like you? Her brother was confused with the Princess’s discovery. Conners, think of it, remember when mother beat me? She thought I was Emily, it makes sense now. The two siblings were mentally lost, unsure of what to think. 

Astrid was confused, how come they looked alike, exactly alike. The same cheeks, the same lips… it’s scary. Were they related, no, father would never… Father… That’s when she realized. Their father never let himself be seen with her. No, it couldn’t be. 

Conners, I think we should talk with father about this. 

Tome 7 - Hit 6 Survivors within 3 seconds after using Leap. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

I have my regrets, dear daughter. Astrid stands in the center of the throne room, with the Queen absent, doing something with Emily. Astrid yearns for the truth, unsure if it’s what she thinks it is. Emily… Emily is one of them.

I don’t understand, why? Astrid begged her father to do something to help her sister. But he refused. 

Emily’s mother was one of the kindest people I’ve met. But I should never have done this to her. I had betrayed your mother to give life to Emily, and that’s why she’s suffering. Not to torment her, but to torment me. Your mother is ruthless, cruel, but she is right with what she’s doing to me.

Doing to you? What about my sister, she may be my half-blood, but she doesn’t deserve to suffer because of it. Astrid yelled at her father, furious with what he’s done and for such a horrid excuse. But realizing she was getting nowhere with him, she stormed off, determined to do something worthwhile.

Tome 8 - Start a chase with 3 unique Survivors in a span of 60 seconds. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

Sitting on her chair, Astrid and her brother had convinced their parents to take action on Emily’s behalf. Queen Gro sits on her throne, dignified, as if she was greater than everyone else in the room. The queen spoke an insult, “Rat” as she often called Emily and not too long after, there was a shuffle at the entrance to the room. I dismiss the guards and they close the door behind the servant walking in. Astrid takes in her appearance once again, hoping it’ll be the last time her sister is seen wearing that mask.

Look up at me. Father finally spoke to his own daughter, after years of neglecting her. Emily raises her head, looking at the royal family.

You're a disgusting pile of flesh, born from the evil of your mother and the lust of your father. Astrid stood to speak against her mother, but it wouldn’t stop her from the cruel insults to her step daughter. The Princess looked to her sister and saw the sorrow on her face. Then Conners stood as well, taking out his sword and defending her. 

Then Astrid hears something crack, looking at Emily, Astrid notices her hands are clenched into fists, glaring at Conners’ arm. No.

Tome 9 - Reveal Survivors for a total of 40 times Using Servant’s Calling. Complete this challenge within a single trial.

Astrid holds Conners’ sword out in front of her, unsure of how to use it. She watches as Emily beats her father to death using the Heirloom that’s been in her family for a century. Emily imbeds one half of the staff into her father’s stomach, leaving the old man to choke on his own blood.

Emily turns to Astrid with hate in her eyes and blood on her skin. The two sisters stare at each other for a long while. The doors of the throne room are banging with the fists of the guards outside. Why can’t they come in, why aren’t they in already?

Astrid holds the sword forward, but it’s useless. Emily dashes towards the Princess, giving no time to react. The Heir breaks Astrid’s arm at the joint, and uses her fingertips to rip apart the flesh. Astrid screams in agony as her bone is torn out. A black fog fills the room, Astird questioned if it was death, if it was, her blood line deserved it.

Tome 10 - Using the perks Disgraced, Hex: Fatal Wounds, and Will Breaker, kill four Survivors by any means. Complete this challenge in a single trial.

Emily stands, confused by her surroundings. The sky is a toxic yellow with black luminous clouds overhead. The ground beneath her feet is cold, yet warm at the same time. Emily walks around, with a fog following her. The land around her began to speak somehow, not an intelligible language, but it spoke in a different way.

The voice promised a future, power, and strength. Everything Emily desired in tenfold. It said that all her suffering led her to this moment, to be a fearful deity in its realm.  The land shifted, changing to a sandy desert, then a flat plains with strange houses and… things… 

Everything here confused her, but the voice assured her that it would teach her everything there was to know. That there would be nothing she couldn’t learn to do or learn to overcome. This world would become her kingdom.

New Survivor: Penelope Jade

Penelope is one of three triplets, but even with that, she stands out. She had moved up grades twice, then dropped out of school to help her family's finances. Her mother, Amelia, worked for a wealthy businessman, Hank Anderson. Penelope had offered to go with her mother to help raise finances for the house, and her mother agreed. Mr. Anderson was completely understanding, even giving Amelia a raise.

Penelope had gone back to school and graduated, Mr. Anderson stepping in and trying to get her a place in college. Penelope had been working for Mr. Anderson alongside her mother up until her graduation. She had become so involved in Mr. Anderson's manor, that she would do almost anything for him.

One night, Mr. Anderson made a call to the Jade's home, asking them to come in early. Amelia and Penelope take their car to the manor, noticing that the lights are turned off. Instinctively, they unlock and open the front door for themselves. From that moment, they disappeared.

Penelope's sisters, Rachel and Veronica, had called in a missing persons report for their mother and sister. The last message they have of them is from their sister. She was calling for the police and running through a forest.

Survivor Perks:

Stand Out: To be overlooked can be good, but it's always best to stand out amongst the crowd.

  • After healing a survivor, gain a 15% stackable speed bonus to all actions for 6 | 8 | 10 seconds.

Boon: Safe Place: Everyone needs a place where they can feel safe and hide.

  • Press and hold the active Ability button on a dull or Hex totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem
  • Soft chimes ring out in a radius of 24 meters
  • All survivors benefit from the following effect while inside the Boon Totem's range:
  • All survivor-made sounds are decreased by 50% | 75% | 100%
  • This effect lingers for 2 seconds while leaving the Boon Totem's range

Above Average: Prove yourself to be more than what others think.

  • At the start of the trial, you are afflicted with the broken status effect. You have a stackable 5% haste effect and repair speed bonus for the duration of the trial. As well as a stackable 20% | 30% | 40% faster recovery rate from negative status effects.

Survivor Attire:

Head: Penny Jade - A woman doing her best with the circumstances at hand

Torso: Jogging Jacket - a jacket that's comfortable and sentimental.

Legs: Running Jeans - a pair of blue jeans with a few holes and tears from being stretched out during work.

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    I'm not entirely sold on the killer's power, but the background is brilliant and the add-ons very well thought.

    Could you elaborate a bit more on how 'leap' works? Does it damage survivors automatically? Does it work like Nurse's blinks too, in that you have to use an attack afterwards? Does it leave her exhausted after using it? Seems good, but there's something in it that I don't dig. Not sure what, though.

    Nevertheless, great job. I enjoy reading so thorough chapter creations.

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    The Leap ability only goes forward about 2-3 meters, after thinking about it, I think I'll solidify it to 2 meters base kit. The leap works automatically but has a very long cooldown, about 10-15 seconds to recharge one token for a leap. Leaping does not damage survivors, but has a short cooldown, about half a second or so, until you're able to attack like Wesker's ability to vault pallets leaving him slowed for a short duration.

    The reason for making the leap take so long to recharge is to encourage the use of leaps for chase rather than traversing the map. I guess I should've addressed that. But tokens will recharge even when they are being used. Thanks for the insight, I'm quite new to this and really enjoy an outside perspective!