[The Xenomorph] Full chapter concept: Killer, Map, Survivors, Perks, Special Items.

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Chapter Title: "Invasion"

New Killer: The Xenomorph

Killer Description: The Xenomorph is a highly evolved alien creature that is capable of instilling fear and terror in its prey. He is an agile and stealthy assassin who can move quickly around the map and is able to climb walls and ceilings to surprise his victims. He can also use his sharp tail and jaws to attack survivors.

New Survivors: Ellen Ripley and Bishop

Description of the survivors: Ellen Ripley is a brave lieutenant of the spaceship Nostromo, who fought against the Xenomorphs in the original Alien movie. Bishop is a synthetic who joined Ripley on her mission and became a valued ally to her. Both survivors will have unique abilities that will allow them to escape from the Xenomorph and save the other survivors.

New Map: The Nostromo Spaceship

Map Description: The Nostromo spaceship is the main setting of the original Alien movie. It's a dark and claustrophobic map, with multiple levels and narrow corridors offering plenty of hiding places for survivors. There will also be open areas such as the bridge and engine room, which will offer more space for the Xenomorph to move around and escape.

New special abilities and items that will appear on the map.

Alien: The Xenomorph

  • Flamethrower: An item that can be found on the map - More info below...
  • Xenomorph Egg: A dangerous item that can be found on the map that can hatch and release a Xenomorph if handled incorrectly - More info below...

The survivors: Bishop and Ripley

  • Motion Detector A unique special ability of Bishop. - More info below...
  • Stampede: A unique special ability for Ripley - More info below...

We start talking about the new killer: The Xenoform.

Killer Power: "Acid Blood"

The Xenomorph is equipped with Acidic Blood, which can spray Survivors when damage is dealt to it. This blood deals continuous damage to Survivors and prevents them from healing for a short period of time. The Xenomorph can activate his power by pressing a button and spraying nearby survivors with his acidic blood.

The power has a limited duration and must be recharged before it can be used again. It also has a short range, which means the Xenomorph must be close to the survivors in order to spray them.

In addition to his power, the Xenomorph can also climb walls, ceilings and attack from above allowing him to quickly move around the map and surprise survivors from above.

Already spoken previously we enter with 2 new mechanics and 2 new special abilities that this chapter will incorporate:

  • Flamethrower: An item that can be found on the map that can be used to burn the Xenomorph and temporarily stop it.
  • Xenomorph Egg: A dangerous item that can be found on the map that can hatch and release a Xenomorph if handled incorrectly. Xenomorph eggs would be placed in strategic locations on the map and would activate when the Xenomorph uses its "Spawn Egg" special ability, plus Xenomorph could set 3 with a secondary action. If the survivors do not interact with them, the eggs will remain dormant and will not pose a threat. However, if a Survivor gets too close to an inactive Egg, the Xenomorph can activate it with his ability and hatch a Facehugger, which will pounce on the Survivor and temporarily immobilize them.
  • Stampede: A unique special ability for Ripley that allows her to run faster for a short period of time and leave a trail of pheromones that will lure the Xenomorph away from the other survivors.
  • Motion Detector A unique special ability of Bishop that allows Survivors to detect the presence of the Xenomorph and know in which direction it is moving.

Let's talk about Xenomorph perks:

  • "Blood Hunt": When the Xenomorph injures a Survivor, its acidic blood begins to eat away at their body. The affected Survivor will bleed, slowing their movement speed and leaving a more noticeable blood trail. This Perk activates at the start of the match and lasts until the affected Survivor is healed.
  • "Alien Mindset": The Xenomorph is highly adapted for hunting and survival. As he approaches the survivors, his vision sharpens, allowing him to detect their movements and sense their possible movements through walls. When the Xenomorph is within detection range of the survivors, this Perk activates and its movement speed is increased for a short period of time.
  • "Acidic Presence": The Xenomorph emanates a cloud of acidic gas that dissolves nearby objects and obstacles. When the Killer is in the survivors' terror radius, this Perk activates, nearby Survivors will have their movement speed reduced and their visibility decreased due to the acid smoke. The Xenomorph will move faster and have a better ability to ambush survivors.

Let´s talk about survivors perks:

Ellen Ripley Perks:

  • "Survival Instincts": Ellen Ripley is a seasoned survivor who has fought Xenomorphs before. As she approaches the Xenomorph, her body releases a distracting substance that draws her attention back to her, allowing her to divert the attention of the other survivors and allow them to escape.
  • "Ingenious Mind": Ellen Ripley is a trained engineer who knows how to improvise and come up with creative solutions. When she is near a tool or repair item, her repair speed increases, allowing her to fix generators and exit doors faster.
  • "Last Stand": Ellen Ripley is a tenacious survivor who doesn't give up easily. When she is injured and near an exit door, her movement speed and her ability to escape from it are increased, allowing her to survive a final attack from the Xenomorph.

Bishop's Perks:

  • "Artificial Intelligence": Bishop is a synthetic who has advanced computer skills. When he is near a computer terminal (generator) his gen speed increases, allowing him to broken doors and obtain valuable information more quickly.
  • "Fast Thinking": Bishop has the ability to quickly analyze situations and make informed decisions. When he is within the detection range of the Xenomorph, his movement speed increases and he can make decisions more quickly, allowing him to evade the creature and escape.
  • "Healing Hands": Bishop is able to repair and heal other survivors faster than most. When he is healing another survivor, his healing speed increases, allowing him to heal others.
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