Chapter concept: sweet melody

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Killer: The Siren


SPEED: 4.6m/s


Appearance: The Siren is a beautiful, ethereal creature with a haunting, angelic voice when she is singing to survivors.



Press and hold the active ability button to begin singing a haunting melody. Survivors within a certain radius will gradually become entranced, slowly moving towards the Siren. While using Enthrall, the Siren herself will also move slowly. After a set amount of time, the Siren will stop singing and the survivors who were entranced will snap out of it, but will be briefly vulnerable to attacks.


STATS: Range 32m, duration 45s.

Press and hold the active ability button to activate Echoes. While active, survivors within the radius of the field of sound waves will have their vision distorted, making it harder for them to see the Siren and other survivors. Survivors will also experience auditory hallucinations, making it difficult for them to hear important audio cues like generator repairs, footsteps, and other survivors' cries for help, during this time the TR of THE SIREN is replaced with a 24m lullaby.


  • Z0mbiv0r
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    While the concept of using the lore on sirens is cool, the way you implement it doesn't seem right. Using a power that effectively negates any intervention or counterplay for the players wouldn't work at all. I mean, for one, If I'm playing as a survie and I hear the melody, I'll run away, negating your power. And on the other hand, if as a survie I am forced to walk toward you and I can't do anything it would be boring and extremely frustrating. I think it would lead to long, boring matches.

    It's a cool concept, though. With a bit of work, I'm sure you could make a very interesting killer. Give it more thought. With a tweaked power and other special ability it could be brilliant.

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
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    Looking back on it your right it is kinda unfinished, but thanks for your feedback. I did have a backstory for this but its dissapeared for some reason.?